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Barack Obama and other presidents Chia Pet heads grow controversy.

Updated on January 25, 2012

Determined Obama, Chia Pet

Grow your own history figure!

Chia Pet makers grew some controversy when they released some of American Presidents as Chia Heads. President Barack Obama Chia Pet is probably the most popular and hated Chia Pet at the same time. Chia Pet Obama comes in two poses: happy or determined. Both feature large round of Afro-like green hair.

You now could buy Chia Pet Obama, Lincoln and Washington Heads on Amazon. Whether purchased as a political statement of a gag gift, it is sure to start conversations. Place your presidential Chia Pet in a front window of your house and watch out for neighbors who are eager to talk politics with you! Place Obama Head as a center piece for your next family get together and enjoy heated conversations with your relatives, if you are brave enough.

While some people think Chia Pet makers went too controversial and disrespectful when they created presidential Chia Heads, I think it was a good business move. For younger children, presidency is abstract and difficult to understand system. By putting a fun face on an important history figure and creating a simple fun gardening project with it, parents or teachers might interest their children in learning more.

Get your Chi, Chi, Chi, Chia!

Happy Obama, Chia Pet

How to grow your own Chia Pet

Chia pet does not require much care, but for a first few days it has to be consistent.

The head, seeds and a drip tray comes in the box.

  • Simply, soak the Obama Chia Pet in a bowl of water for one hour.
  • Soak the seeds in another container during the same hour.
  • Once everything is moist, place the head into the tray and fill it with water.
  • Spread the moist seeds over the Chia Pet.
  • Wait and watch it grow.
  • Water consistently, at least once a day. Use spray bottle to provide more moisture on the top.
  • First sprouts should come out in about 5 days. After two weeks, president's head should be covered in bright green hair.
  • Enjoy all the political or humorous conversations this Obama Chia Pet might start!


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