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Baracuda W01698 Ranger pool cleaner How Good Is It!!

Updated on August 2, 2014

No Need To Assemble

The Baracuda W01698 Ranger Suction Side Automatic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner will give you more time for you and your family to enjoy your above ground pool. The single moving part design makes it perfect most any application. No assembly required means you don’t have to worry about reading through a confusing instruction manual or take hours to put it all together. The 32 foot hose needed for its operation comes in the package and it hooks directly up to the skimmer.

Most of your automatic pool cleaners for above ground pools have many moving parts and because that you have to deal with the flapping and slapping sounds as it moves around the pool. The W01698 Ranger automatic pool cleaner only has a single moving part which virtually eliminates the annoying sounds. It just moves around all of the surfaces of pool and will completely clean just about any size above ground pools in a few hours.

You will not need to worry about needing any additional complicated plumbing to add it to your existing system. It attaches easily to your current skimming setup using the 32’ hose. The included hose will allow the Ranger to reach every part of the pool, even if you have dished out area. Note: As long as the dished out portion does not exceed 6’, any more than that the hose may not reach.To help prevent the Ranger from getting caught on stairs or other obstacles during the cleaning operation, it was designed with a very large deflector wheel. That way you don’t need to stand around and watch it all the time so you can rescue it if it gets stuck, like many other models on the market.It also comes with a one year limited warranty, so if you have a busy swimming season and wear it out before the year is up, you will be covered.

Key Features:

● Comes fully assembled in the box
● No additional plumbing required, 32’ hose is included
● No excessive noise during operation
● Extra large deflector to prevent it from getting trapped

What are people saying about it?

During our research of the Baracuda W01698 Ranger Suction Side Automatic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner we discovered a couple dozen consumer reviews posted online. Most of the reviewers really like it and gave it either four or five stars. There were only three people that were not very happy with it and gave it very poor marks.

The simple setup the Ranger is one of the things just about everyone that posted a review mentioned. It only took a few minutes go from box to cleaning their pool and the instructions were very easy to follow.

The included 32 foot hose was plenty long enough to reach the bottom and sides of a 27’ pool and as long as you remember not to store the hose coiled up when not using it you will not experience many issues of it stalling in the same spot.

As compared to other brands, the Ranger was far superior and it was able to reach just about every little nook and cranny of their pool.

Many of the reviewers were really happy with the fact that it worked with their brand of pool, however, we did find one reviewer that did not find this to be the case. They had what they believe to be a pool from a top maker of above ground pools and it did not work with their filter system. They were finally able to buy enough aftermarket plumbing fittings to get it to work.

In the end, most of the reviewers said that they would highly recommend the Baracuda W01698 Ranger Suction Side Automatic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner to anyone with an above ground pool.


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