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Basement Flooring Options – Benefits of Stained Concrete

Updated on February 17, 2015

When renovating the house it’s very important to renovate the basement as well. In this particular case, the basement flooring is extremely important. The living space has to be inviting and cozy, but with a hard and cold cement floor in the basement you can’t really achieve this.

It’s crucial to make the basement comfortable and livable and there are numerous ways to do this. One of the best and cheapest basement flooring methods is paint. Go for latex paint because this is semi – permeable and it’s ideal for basements. This is particularly good in case you deal with water seepage problems. The ordinary paint is not suitable for basement flooring because it will peel off after a couple of months.

  • Types of Basement Flooring

Wall – to – wall carpeting is another great option for basement flooring. The carpet is comforting and warm and gives a splendid feeling during the cold winters. Additionally, this is an excellent choice in case the basement will be converted in a family room or toddler’s bedroom. The carpet is not a good choice in case you have those seepage issues. In this case, you must think of something else. When the carpets get wet, it takes a lot of time to dry them and they can blot. Moreover, molds can develop inside the fibers and this can lead to an unhealthy environment. So, you have to ventilate the basement properly so as to avoid your carpets to be infested with bacteria.

In case you really want to use this basement flooring option, you have to find a solution for the seepage issue. A polystyrene felt or foam placed on the cement should do the job. Leave four inches on the sides for the margin. When you have the floor covered, the excess felt or foam can be trimmed off.

The next thing you have to do is to put a layer of sub floor on top of the cover. This step is important because it won’t allow the moisture get to basement flooring or carpet. The sub flooring can also add more comfort given that a concrete floor isn’t usually that comfortable.

The ceramic tiles can also be used. They are classic and give a neat and elegant look. Furthermore, they are resistant to stains and spills and you can clean them in an instant. You can choose from thousands of colors, textures and designs. Thus, the basement flooring can be easily matched with the furniture you have in the living space. They have one disadvantage: they are cold and are not that comfortable in the winter. If the basement is unheated, then you should think twice before choosing ceramic tiles. If you really want this type of basement flooring, then you could opt for radiant floor heating. This kind of heating is great. Plus, for a more comfortable look and feeling, you can add natural wood laminate or wooden floor above the heating system.

You could also choose some unusual basement flooring alternatives. Some of the greatest are soundproof or bamboo mats. Irrespective of the basement flooring type you select, you should put together its advantages and disadvantages. Remember that the basement cannot be ventilated as well as the other rooms. Also, they don’t receive that much natural sunlight and are colder.

  • Stained Concrete Flooring

One of the best basement flooring options is without a doubt the stained concrete. It is extremely popular and can be used for businesses and homes alike. In the past, the ordinary concrete was covered with additional flooring materials. Nowadays, people prefer to stain the concrete to obtain exceptional coloring effects that look like natural stone, tanned leather or polished marble. The best thing about these floors is that they call for very low maintenance as compared to the flooring materials. Moreover, the design benefits cannot be compared with the other surface treatments. They can have multiple colors, borders and cut patterns. Many other techniques and methods can be used to come up with a special design aspect.

The type of concrete surface gives the stain a different function and color. Two or three floors cannot have the same pattern or color. The stained concrete is that appealing because of its variability. You should know that you can stain nearly all types of concrete surfaces. Some floors have glues, mastic and sealers and they need to be removed in order to start the staining procedure. The concrete stains are usually translucent. Thus, they are not able to hide various surface flaws such as patch compounds or cracks. In fact, these blemishes can be used for the overall design and they can embellish the floor. In case the cracks or patches are severe, you can simply cover them with a cement based topping. This will become a great canvas for the future stains.

The stained concrete can have different costs based upon the duration of the preparation work, the concrete’s condition, the design’s structure and the project’s complexity. The starting prices can be $4 for a square foot. This is the price for a concrete with one layer of sealer, one layer of stain and minimal preparation. Of course, prices can go higher. You can even find floors that cost $15 for square foot. This rate includes advanced decorative effects, sandblasting, thin overlays, multiple colors and complicated engraved designs. So, as you can see, the prices differ and they mainly depend on the materials and the labor that are necessary to complete the task and to meet your standards.

The stained concrete floors have numerous benefits. Thus, the substance used is preventive to allergens and dust mites. Also, it’s resistant to water damage and mold and it can be easily maintained. The stained concrete floors have cheaper replacement and longevity costs. When compared to other flooring materials, you’ll see that this is an advantage. The concrete floors are sustainable and, above all, are economically affordable. If they have a proper maintenance, the stained concrete floors are going to ensure structural stability and appealing aesthetics for many decades.

© 2015 Andreea Mihalache


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