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Bathroom Curtain Idea’s to Transform your Bathroom into a Top Trendy Masterpiece

Updated on January 29, 2011

For all those who are seeking to transform an outdated bathroom into a modern space with refreshed components, it could definitely be confusing selecting where to start. The first concern to deal with is which addition to start the improvement with. It is relatively common to go with a prominent bathroom item and use it to improve the rest of the appearance around the room. Not surprisingly, one of the most dominant and initially visible bathroom accents is the shower curtain

In delving into shower curtains and their necessity regarding helping to set the bathroom appearance; there's a couple of different factors take into consideration. The first of these components includes the obvious, the canvas of the curtain itself. Next, the fabric the curtain is constructed of, followed by the various hardware options available for the curtain such as the curtain rods and curtain rings. By picking a stylish shower curtain that matches the bill in all these factors, and suits your particular preferences, they make the ideal accent to start with in altering an outdated bathroom into a progressive masterpiece

Modern Day Shower Curtain Styles and Designs

A very important aspect of picking out your new shower curtain is the way it looks. Many brands hire designers that specialize in fashionable elements, in particular on some of the more professional and more expensive curtains. As a result, there are many unique and top trendy designs and patterns that work well in many designs. One of the most popular are designs that exhibit solid natural based backgrounds with simple angular line patterns or numerous abstract shapes. The primary reason for this is that often while in fact the design itself may seem reasonably simple, the curtain offers just enough "noise" to actually stand out and help shape the overall feel of the bathroom style.

Fashionable Shower Curtain Material

In choosing your trendy shower curtain, it is important to first consider what material will be the most functional and aesthetically pleasing in your particular motif. One of the most popular choices with regards to the material for modern day curtains is cotton. This is due in part to the fact that cotton is of course comforting to the touch, as well as offering slightly more in terms of design options due to the adherence of print to the surface of the material. A second and nearly equally popular choice is polyester. Polyester not only looks sleek and sophisticated, but it also offers more long term durability as opposed to cotton. Unfortunately, unless properly protected, cotton is more susceptible to damage from water absorption over many other fabrics.

Trendy Shower Curtain Hardware

Many people fail to realize the necessity of hardware in picking a shower curtain for a specific style. The canvas of a curtain can match perfectly and blend in well with a pre-existing design. However, if the hardware of the curtain does not flow well it could possibly really stand out and become a thorn in the side. Most modern day designs exhibit stainless steel or brushed nickel rings that work well in the present day setting. Some hardware options to avoid if you are keen on keeping a modern day flow in your bathroom are brass or gold fixtures, as these two finishes offer more of a rustic country look and can be extremely difficult to flow into a fashionable concept.

In all, it could possibly be fun to re-accessorize a bathroom; with all of the uniquely designed modern day components available, the options are endless. Just do not get overwhelmed by jumping into a project with an outlook on what you hope to accomplish. By choosing a principal accent, such as a shower curtain to begin the process with, it may make the entire process much simpler.


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    • Rhonda Waits profile image

      Rhonda Musch 7 years ago from The Emerald Coast

      Great hub. I have found this to be true. Just changing a shower curtain is and amazing difference in your bath room.It is a simple decorating trick. Thank you for sharing it with us. Voted up.

      Sweet Wishes Rhonda