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Bathroom Designs: Not Just Your Ordinary Loo

Updated on May 10, 2015
Make your bathroom luxurious.
Make your bathroom luxurious.

Thinking Of Bathroom Designs?

When looking for an apartment to stay, most people will consider the location, the bedroom, the view and the level of security. But how about the bathroom?

Gone are the days when a bathroom was tiny cubicle offering no more than a sink. These days, more and more apartments are innovating their way of designing a bathroom. Many apartments have strive to differentiate themselves and the bathrooms just like the other areas in the place are getting bigger and bigger and becoming more luxurious.

Check out this 5 amazing bathroom designs and plans and be amazed how luxurious and innovative they are.

Now you will never miss out the exciting moments.
Now you will never miss out the exciting moments.

Bathroom with Entertainment System

If you are one of the many people who are trying to hold it in just to watch the every minutes of the game and then you are rushing to your loo during halftime, this bathroom with entertainment system is perfect for you. With this bathroom design, you don’t have to worry anymore about missing that once-in-a-lifetime play. This bathroom has a set up audio and visual equipment that will make sure you will never miss out any exciting moments during the game and will keep you up with the progress of the game and the score.

Additionally, because this kind of bathroom innovation may require extra wiring to get the grounded outlet in the right place, you may want to make sure that the apartment you are going to buy are safe and free from any electrical malfunction. You may also want to make sure that your appliances are properly installed in the wall and away from splashing distance of the shower, sink or tub. Also, double check the walls and ensure that they are free from dampness.

Read while nature calls.
Read while nature calls.

Bathroom For Reading

A lot of people are reading in the bathroom while they are indisposed. In fact, there is a good number of people who admits that they can’t do their loo-related thing well, if they are not reading anything. If you are one of these people, a bathroom with library might the best thing for you. This design are made for bookworms and those people who just love reading that it became their habits whenever they head out to the bathroom. One in four people in the US spend more than an hour in the loo and most of them are not really spending their time for nature’s call. Most of them actually spend more time in the bathroom because they have an extra bathroom habits. And one of those habits is reading.

Having a library is the bathroom is not as complicated has you think it might be. If you are looking for an apartment and you cannot find one that has library in it. You can actually redesign the bathroom. Just make sure that the bathroom is spacious enough for you to add shelves on it. Just like in having an entertainment system, your mini library in the bathroom must be away from splashing-distance and make sure that walls are free from dampness.

Pamper Yourself In A Spa...I mean your Bathroom.
Pamper Yourself In A Spa...I mean your Bathroom.

Bathroom With A Spa

What a perfect indulgence and pampering to know that you can experience the relaxation brought by spa in your own bathroom. If you want to see a dramatic and spa-like appeal in your bathroom, you may want to look for an apartment that can give you that feel. You can get that spa feeling you always wanted if you look for an apartment that use high-end design materials and features for a bathroom. If the bathroom is not spacious enough and it is impossible for you in increase the area, the perfect redesign is choosing a white marble tire and mirrored surfaces to wrap the room around. To create balance and warmth a rich wood stone is also a good choice. Additionally, you can also seemingly add more room by incorporating floor-to-ceiling cabinets which add height to the room and glass shower eliminates visual barriers that shower curtains and doors do.

You will love staying in your loo.
You will love staying in your loo.

Themed Bathroom

If you are someone who wants something new to see in your bathroom, redesign your bathroom with an odd touch. This can actually make your bathroom more elegant and classy. Determine what you want and what your interest is and plan on how you can incorporate this in your bathroom. It is better if you own the apartment so that you are free to redesign that bathroom. Themed rooms can be stunning; you can do bathroom redecoration inspired by Game of Thrones or your other favorite movies. Make sure to buy quality materials and that are fit for bathroom use. Avoid putting accessories that can easily get wet near the shower, tub or sink. Wet decorations can mess up everything in your design.

What a great view from your bathroom!
What a great view from your bathroom!

Open View Bathroom

Break the barrier between outdoors and interior space using tinted glass windows for you to see the outdoors without you being seen from the outside. If you love the outdoors, you can always incorporate this design in your bathrooms. This bathroom innovation is perfect in places where you can get a perfect view like in New York. You can actually buy a two-bedroom apartment in Manhattan with a great view. You can enjoy the view of the mighty New York City with compromising your privacy.

More and more apartments are putting more emphasis on how they design a bathroom and with a few trends emerging, it will be of no surprise to see a more luxurious and more impressive bathroom features in the coming years.


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