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Bathroom Furniture Ideas

Updated on August 8, 2012
Ultra-modern bathroom furniture.
Ultra-modern bathroom furniture.

The bathroom is one of the busiest and yet sometimes most under-appreciated rooms in the house. This is one of the first places you visit in the morning and the last at night. If you have ever found yourself in the midst of a bathroom remodel or a major plumbing snafu chances are you came to realize in short order just how important this little room is!

Whether your bathroom is country casual, sleek contemporary, classic traditional or charming Victorian, this under-appreciated but often used room should be just as beautiful as the rest of your home. But, like the kitchen, beauty here must be combined with a high degree of function.

By choosing the right bathroom furniture that will fit your room, home style, lifestyle, and taste you can have it all—form and function.

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Small Bathroom Design Ideas

The Right Bathroom Furniture

With all that is available today for any taste, style and budget, it isn't all that hard to find just the right bath furnishings for you and your family. Most bath furnishings contain, or offer, some form of storage. And in the bath you usually need all the storage you can muster, in a relatively small space. True, there are a chosen few who can afford to luxuriate in huge bathrooms, but for most us it's several feet by several feet in which a bathtub or shower must fit.

Without a doubt, unless you have pedestal or console sinks, the most important piece of furniture is the bathroom vanities which usually house the sink or sinks. The vanities need to be stylish as well as functional and they also need to be of high quality.

Bathroom makeovers are expensive but the cost is justified by the fact that they don't have to be done very often. So buy the best vanity you can afford.

Country Style Bathroom Furniture

Natural wood, plaster or beadboard walls, and antique-look furnishings adapted for the bath, paint the tapestry of a vintage-country style bath. Dressers make great bathroom vanities with just a little coaxing. A real bureau gives lots of possibilities like a stone or solid-surface counter-top or keep it natural. If you keep it natural wood be sure to use a sealer to make it water-proof or have a teak wood top made to fit. Teak is naturally water-proof. Top with a vessel sink if the dresser is not very tall or a drop-in sink if it comes to around 36 inches tall. Remove the drawers to fit the sink and plumbing, then replace the drawer fronts with hinges for access when needed. replace the old knobs with depression glass, hand painted china, cut glass, or cast iron knobs.

When you remake a dresser into a vanity you usually do sacrifice some storage space within so you will need to add storage elsewhere. In a country style bathroom look for open shelves for towels and bottles, either wall shelves or free-standing. These can be wood but another good choice is copper or bronze metal. Soften the look of the wood and metal with white towels and curtains.

Country style bathroom in a western style home equipped with marble counters, plants, and laminate flooring.
Country style bathroom in a western style home equipped with marble counters, plants, and laminate flooring.

Victorian Style Bathroom Furniture

Victorian bathrooms are charming and a great addition to any period style home. The vintage fixtures are now available brand new and there's no shortage of them on the Internet. One feature of many Victorian style bathrooms is the pedestal sinks.

While these sinks are hard to resist they do pose a storage problem. Rather than under-the-sink storage use free-standing vintage style furniture such as dressers or chests with both drawers and doors. Armoires or hutches are great for storage and these come in various sizes including narrow to fit perhaps between two pedestal sinks.

A Victorian style press-back chair can hold a stack of towels or a vintage wash bowl and pitcher—or even provide a place to sit. Don't forget wall or free-standing shelves for storage they don't take up floorspace and you can use them to hold almost anything. Choose shelves that compliment the style of the room. As for color, white is always right and gives the bath a light, bright, clean look.

Wood finishes can be dark, which compliment the white porcelain fixtures or a honey oak. Many of the new “old” toilets have oak flush tanks and toilet seats so if you go for these keep other wood finished furnishings oak (or white).

Victorian style bathroom featuring a checkered floor, glass shower, and vintage bath tub.
Victorian style bathroom featuring a checkered floor, glass shower, and vintage bath tub.

Mission Style Bathroom Furniture

Arts & Crafts, as well as, Mission styles are enjoying a resurgence in popularity everywhere including bathrooms. These styles work especially well with bungalow-style homes. These two are both period styles so the vintage style bath fixtures can also be used, however, they don't have to. Since these styles are quite versatile they lend well to more modern style plumbing fixtures.

Wood vanities in the mission style are a must as are wood medicine chests. Furniture for the this style of period bath must reflect the stained wood, natural materials and fine quality construction inherent of this style. Free-standing pieces work well particularly chests and cabinets with glass doors. Look for Cherry, Maple or Mahogany wood furniture, reclaimed wood furniture is also popular among Mission fans.

Metal plays a large part in this style, choose cast iron, bronze, copper or brushed nickel knobs, towel bars, small shelves and faucets—even metal sinks and tubs.

Mission style bathroom.
Mission style bathroom.

Contemporary Bathroom Elegance

Gone are the days when Contemporary meant cold and sterile. When furnishing a Contemporary bath think flat-panel doors, cherry wood finish or black, sleek brushed nickel knobs, handles, and faucets, dark granite or simulated granite countertops and under-mount or vessel sinks for vanities that complete the warm and comfortable look.

Black and white is a no-fail recipe for success in Contemporary and Traditional bathrooms. When using black bath furniture lighten the room up with white paint or black and white wallpapered walls, white floors, and plumbing fixtures. Or white furniture, and black plumbing fixtures and black countertops.

Contemporary style bathroom featuring pink accents and a brown shag rug.
Contemporary style bathroom featuring pink accents and a brown shag rug.

Traditional Bathroom Furniture Ideas - It's All in The Details!

Traditional can be beautiful and elegant without being fussy. Raised-panel cabinets that look like real furniture, carved bases, fluted trim, and graceful moldings.

Floor-to-ceiling freestanding cabinets or Armoires provide the storage women, especially, crave—can we really have too much? Never!

Part of the grace of a Traditional style bathroom is the color. Today's Traditional is reveling in earthy browns, cream, and taupe.

Traditional style bathroom furniture and accents.
Traditional style bathroom furniture and accents.


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    • SuperiorInteriors profile image

      SuperiorInteriors 5 years ago from San Diego, California

      I love your idea about making a dresser into a vanity, that's something I've always wanted to try. I have an old, stressed dresser in my garage taking up space right now that Hubby and I have been thinking about converting into a cool vanity with a granite bowl. Great Hub!