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Bathroom Magazine Racks

Updated on March 14, 2014

Unique and Old-Fashioned Decor

Bathroom magazine racks are an easy way to add a unique and novel touch to the decor of your bathroom, and they can be used to store not only magazines but those bathroom readers as well, along with toilet paper and other indispensable items for your commode. They are a good way to accommodate a family member who spends a lot of time in the reading "library."

Types of Magazine Racks

Bathroom magazine holders come in a variety of styles and price ranges. One of the most common is the simple chrome holder that attaches directly to the toilet tank and sits to the side. These are typically the least expensive magazine racks, and are simple to install as well, making them an easy way to start redecorating the bathroom. One downside to these is that it can be a little difficult to reach the side of the commode once you've "settled in."

Wall mounted magazine racks - These come as simple metal racks or the more expensive wooden racks. Often these are larger than the racks that attach to the toilet itself and often include storage space for extra rolls of toilet paper or small linens.

Stand alone magazine racks - These are often like small bookshelves but in a bathroom decor, like a wrought iron or a small wooden rack. Once again they are large enough to hold a few other essentials, and even have room on the top for a plant vase or potpourri.

Towel racks - These are larger racks that serve multiple uses. They are large enough to hang towels to dry on them, and can store other linens as well. The lower rack of these is handy for storing magazines and other reading materials.

Of course, once you have a magazine rack for the bathroom, you may want to put some appropriate reading material in it. One popular series of books are the bathroom readers. Since you aren't in the restroom a long enough time to be reading chapters or books, these bathroom readers take classic books and create a one- or two-page summary of the book, often just the right amount of reading material for one "session." The Uncle John's Bathroom Reader series is a popular choice for such intellectual stimulation.

What's Your Favorite Magazine Rack?

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      myawn 8 years ago from Florida

      I don't read in there my rack is for towels and t paper Thanks