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Creating Bathrooms With A "Spa Essence"

Updated on March 8, 2013

"Spa" Pictures

Creating The "Spa" Feeling

How can I go about creating a "Spa Feeling" in my bathroom? What does that mean anyway? A Spa, which means a tub for relaxation, is more broadly referred to as a tranquil environment in which one goes to relax and ease stress and enhance well-being. Now, how can I change my run-of-the-mill bathroom into a place where I can feel relaxed and serene? First of all your bathroom will probably have a bathtub which may or may not be a whirlpool or air jet tub. It may also consist of a separate shower. The first criteria for creating your personal "spa" feeling would be to paint your room in a warm neutral paint color, since color can affect your "mood". The neutral color palette in your bathroom will keep you in a more restful state of mind.

For the sake of creating our own personal spa; we'll replace the floor with natural limestone in a neutral shade and have the floor heated so the floor will emanate it's own regulated heat. By doing this you also eliminate having to rely on your home's heating source to warm the bathroom, while at the same time eliminate stepping from the tub or shower onto a cold surface. Natural stone works the best as it retains heat better than ceramic tile surfaces. Next the tile surrounding the tub and the deck would be best completed in the same natural surface as the floor. Remember, you can place floor tile (whether it be natural stone or ceramic) on the walls but you can't use "wall tile" on the floor as it is thinner and will crack.

After all the tile surfaces have been completed...then the painting of the walls should be done. Unlike most people's belief, passed on usually by their parents', oil base paint is NOT recommended in bathrooms. Latex paint is the only way to go. Latex paint can breath and will eliminate moisture being "trapped"; thus there will be no "peeling" of paint on walls. Actually, oil based paint is being phased out because of environmental issues and latex paint (water based) will eventually be the only composition you will be able to purchase. My expert recommendation as far as "sheen" is flat or low lustre paint finish. The lower the sheen the less imperfections you will see on your walls; the higher the sheen the more imperfections you will see on your walls. Besides, the newer formula in paint that exists now, allows you to wash a "flatter" surface without fear of taking the paint off the wall.

Now we've completed our floor, wall tiles and painting...what do we do to bring the "spa feeling" into the room and complete our mission. Lets think about where we might place a lovely green plant for oxygen, natural fragrance candles in a "safe" area for "mood" and aromatherapy. Natural soaps, tranquil music, therapeutic bath oil, salts, rolled up neutral towels, a lovely basket with magazines to read while you're relaxing and a warm terry robe and slippers will also convey that "spa" feeling. A beautiful painting or picture of a tranquil water scene, or a wall hanging water fountain would also be highly recommended if you have the room; and if you're lucky enough to have a really large "spa" area nothing would be more wonderful than a built-in fireplace and a comfortable chair perhaps upholstered in a wonderful sand colored terrycloth fabric to complete your "day in your spa". P.S. Don't forget to make yourself a cup of relaxing hot herbal tea to sip when you're having your "bathtub experience".


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      almasi 6 years ago

      Thanks for a beautiful hub.