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Bathroom Tile Repair Guide: Learn How to Repair Tile in a Bathroom

Updated on August 25, 2011

Simple Bathroom Tile Repair Tips

While making repairs and going through the motions of remodeling efforts for your home may be a bit of a grind because of how much time, effort and money they require, with the right materials and information resources these activities can actually be fun for you. Not only that, but these particular activities certainly do offer you some excellent opportunities to improve the overall value of your home. And since even the most minor items in need of repair can cause quite an eyesore for you, they are more than worth taking the time to repair. That is why we have taken the time to put together a brief guide on bathroom tile repair, in the hopes that we can help you save some time and headaches and elevate your bathroom to a working piece of art.

First, if you are still having reservations regarding the importance of repairing or replacing cracked or damaged tile because you think it is simply an aesthetic issue and is not quite worth your time, you should consider this important point. If any of your bathroom tiles are cracked or suffering from a weakened structural integrity, then that can easily lead to very expensive water damage. So, what should take you less than a day in repairs can amount to blown budget and weeks of repairs if you do not take care of broken tiles as soon as possible.

Once you have identified all of the tiles that are in need of repair you will need to remove the grout that surrounds the tiles. There are different type of grout, which means that you will have to test the hardness first to determine exactly which types of grout removing tools you will need for the project. For example, some grout lines are soft enough to be removed with a utility knife but others that feature a harder composite will most likely require a small chisel. And be sure not to break surrounding tiles if you plan to keep the unbroken ones when you replace the broken tiles.

You will then want to take one of the broken tiles along with some of the grout to the store or have it next to you while you shop online to make sure you get a proper match. Now, the easiest and most affordable means of installing your new bathroom tiles is accomplished through tile adhesives which create an extra strong bond and will easily keep the tile in place. You will then need to make sure that you give the tile grout about 24 hours to completely dry before using your bathroom to insure a complete drying and prevent the tile from shifting.


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