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Bathroom and Bedroom door locks and handles

Updated on February 2, 2013

Bedroom and Bathroom Door Lock

Passage Lock
Passage Lock

Bathroom and Bedroom Door Locks

Sometimes we are so busy concentrating on the big issues we forget about the less important things. In the case of bathroom door locks and bedroom door locks they are often forgotten about or little attention is given to them.

Knobs and locks to match

In most homes, interior door locks should match other locks in the house. Even the front door locks is often chosen to match the same finish and design. Interior bathroom and bedroom handles as well as cupboard knobs can look unsightly if just one is of a different design or color.

The traditional colors’ for metal plated knobs and levers are Satin Stainless, Bright Chrome, Polished Brass, Antique Brass and Antique Bronze. There are other color variants from different manufacturers. Porcelain knobs and levers are great if you are wanting a white or cream colored handle. Porcelain is available with many different designs and gold and silver trims. If you are choosing a polished brass or soft metal finish it will probably tarnish as it gets older and turn a darker color.

Porcelain Door Knob

Porcelain Door Knob
Porcelain Door Knob

Lever or Knob

The main two designs of bathroom and bedroom locks are lever handle or knob designs. Lever handles are easier to operate then a knob and you can even open a door with your elbow. The draw back with lever handles is you can put an awful amount of leverage on to the handle and damage the lock mechanism. Knobs on the other hand can only be turned as hard as you can grasp the knob and are less likely to be forced. If you are choosing a lever handle bedroom or bathroom lock make sure that the lock is sturdy enough to put up with a bit of extra abuse.

Lever handle Locks

Brass Lever handle Passage Set
Brass Lever handle Passage Set | Source

Light duty or Heavy Use?

When choosing a lock for a bathroom, toilet door or bedroom door consider the amount of use it will have. In most homes the toilet door is the most used door in the house. Don’t use a low quality locking mechanism on a door that gets the most use. Consult a locksmith if you need to know what is a decent type of lock. The last thing you need is to get stuck inside a toilet or bathroom because the lock has failed.

Passage or Privacy

The function of the lock is very important. A toilet and bathroom should have a privacy lock fitted. A privacy lock is one that can be locked from the inside, but has no key. It should be able to be opened from the outside easily in case of an emergency. It is also advantageous for the lock to automatically unlock from the inside.

Bedroom doors can also be fitted with a privacy lock or if you have young children a passage lock might be a better option. A passage lock has no lock at all so there is no way for children to accidentally lock the door.

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