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Bathroom Renovation 2

Updated on May 7, 2009

Electrical Wiring

Last time I left off at the end of the demolition.  So, the next part of the project was the electrical.  We had to move some electrical switches, remove, move and replace lighting and install a good ventilation fan. The plumber was coming soon too to do the rough-in plumbing for us. If the electrical was any tougher than this we would have hired an electrician but it was pretty straight forward. We estimated this would go quickly and hoped to have had it done in a half day. Silly us. This was a very long day actually and between us we made 5 trips to the hardware store. It's strange when you do these projects how wrong you can be with how long something will take. Some projects go quicker and other projects are incredibly long even though they shouldn't be. This was one of those long ones.

The light switch that was for the closet was in the bedroom so that switch had to be moved into the bathroom so we could have the light over the tub. Fortunately the electrical cord was going to be moved closer to the source rather than farther away so we didn't need to have a covered box on the wall in the bedroom which I think look bad. The bathroom light originally was over the vanity on the wall and we decided to improve the lighting in the room with 3 canned lights; two over the larger vanity and one in the center of the room. The canned lights went up rather easily or it appeared so to me. Next the wiring had to be replaced completely. This sounds fast but there was a lot of drilling through studs for the wiring to be routed to the 3 cans from the switch. You also have to nail the wire to the studs with special electrical staples so it won't be pulled apart and cause a fire. We also replaced the wiring for the outlet and moved it away from the switch. The vent also hammered in easily and the electrical cord was a pretty straight forward thing. Of course we still have to do all the ventilation through the roof. It was a long day but at the end we had rewired everything and it all worked appropriately. We also fixed an electrical switch in the hall outside the bathroom to a single box from a double that had a 'fake' switch in one place which I also thought looked bad. Of course there are drywall repairs now outside the bathroom and a large inside the bedroom but compared to the entire bathroom they seem more of a nusciance than big projects.

I think the DIY'er shows would have done 10 kitchens and 3 bathrooms by now and we are barely starting the rebuild. But we are not in a race so we are fine.  Everything is going well though and the marriage is still strong. We comment on how tired we are but there is a pride in actually being able to pull these projects off even with lots of internet searches and trips to the hardware store.

I hope these stories are inspiring you to support your local economy and improve your own home. If you take your time, break down the project into smaller steps and make a pact with your partner to remain calm, never blame and most importantly not work when you are hungry or tired you'll find it can actually be FUN.


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