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Are You Willing to Be the Victim of a Crime?

Updated on March 22, 2011

Whether it is spending an afternoon at the Heritage Museum, taking the kids to the Phoenix Zoo, a day at Papago Park or a meal at Cibo’s there are many ways and places to enjoy living in Phoenix. Of course, if you are looking for more soothing ways to unwind, then make some time to visit one of the man spas or perhaps get in some retail therapy at one of the area malls. In fact, there is so much to do, that being home on the weekend is unnecessary and –for many-over rated!

 However, despite the many perks of living in sunny Phoenix the state’s largest city,  is not without its drawbacks. For instance, in a city of 1,320,994 there were 9,469 violent crimes and 94,832 property crimes last year alone. Additionally, your chances of becoming a victim of property crime are 1 in 14 and there are 215 crimes per square mile. Consequently, the need for home security systems in Phoenix is a must. But, if you are still not convinced that a home security system is a wise investment, consider these additional facts from recent Phoenix crime reports:

Assault: 5,053

Burglary: 16,502

Motor Vehicle Theft: 24,877

Murder: 202

Rape: 490

Robbery: 3,724

Theft: 53,075

When given the size of the city, these numbers may not-to many people- seem that staggering.  However, this brings on the question, “How willing are you to risk becoming a victim of any type of crime?” If you are not interested in taking this risk, then a home security system, or at least taking some basic safety precautions, is in order.  

Important steps you can take to avoid becoming a victim of a crime include, but are not limited to, the following:

Ø  If you have a security system in place, be sure to activate it whether you are at home or not.

Ø  Teach your children where safe houses in the neighborhood are.

Ø  Be involved with a Neighborhood Watch program. If your neighborhood doesn’t have one talk to your local precinct to get help starting one.

Ø  Keep your yard free of debris so that your house does not have an unattended or unlived in appearance.

Ø  Don’t allow newspaper or mail to pile up in the box or outside your home.

Ø  Don’t hide a key outside in a flower pot, above the door ledge or under the rug. Thieves are very aware of these hiding places.

Ø  Keep hedges, shrubbery and trees trimmed so that there are no easy hiding places for potential burglars.

Ø  When you get high dollar items such as flat-screen televisions, computers, cameras, etc. do not leave the boxes sitting at the end of the drive so that all can see your new items.

Living in Phoenix is truly a delightful experience. Don’t overlook all the opportunities for fun and pleasure but be sure to keep safe. Have a home security system installed so you can be safe and happy.


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