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Be different with a Karlsson Wall Clock

Updated on February 21, 2011

Karlsson Clocks come in all shapes and designs

Something different.......

To most people, a wall clock is just that - a clock. It is probably safe to say that these people have never had the pleasure of seeing a Karlsson wall clock, and will be familiar with how beautiful and challenging these timepieces can be. Karlsson are a Dutch manufacturing company who specialise in designing novelty and ultramodern clocks which can be used to decorate homes, offices, bedrooms, and children's rooms. Karlsson wall clocks are made from the finest grade materials, and designed with the input of internationally acclaimed artists to produce arguably the finest clocks in the world.

The Karlsson series of wall clocks are divided into three groups:

  1. The “Timeless Collection” focuses on classic themes, to produce clocks which would be especially at home in fairly understated surroundings. The timeless collection is all about traditional materials such as aluminium, steel and wood, and in general will suit modern and sleek decor.
  2. The “Time of your life collection” is all about incorporating current trends and themes, with colourful and bold designs. The time of your life collection is designed to appeal to the current generation, and you will often find themes such as popular television shows, fantasy characters, and comedy elements combined to make striking and colourful pieces. Time of your life clocks make fantastic gifts for children and teenagers.
  3. If you like the challenge yourself and your visitors with something really different, the new Karlsson works collection may be for you. This is where the designers are really let of the chain, with no holds barred. The Karlsson clocks “New Works” collection is where you'll find that most wacky, and most out-there designs you ever thought possible! These are often clocks which don't even look like clocks, even though they do fulfil the task of telling the time quite well. The Karlsson clock New Works collection will fit well in very modern environments, such as designer houses.

Thanks to the proliferation of online stores and being able to buy products over the Internet, Karlsson wall clocks are now available worldwide to everybody quite easily. Based in the Netherlands, much of the production is carried out there. However, distribution occurs through many major retail outlets such as Amazon, meaning that you can easily get these clocks delivered to your door anywhere in the world.

So what about the cost? It's true that Karlsson clocks are more expensive than your average department store clocks, but look at what you are getting. You are getting a top-quality product which sets your house or office apart, and really allows you to personalise your space. A Karlsson clock is a great investment for anybody who wants to redecorate their house and be different.

As for gifts, Karlsson clocks can also be a great idea. In particular children and teenagers can be difficult to please were useful presents, so a cool contemporary clock could be a great choice. In the case of younger children a colourful and exciting Karlsson clock will make them more enthusiastic about learning to tell the time, and in the case of the teenager a clock which makes them feel like they are different and cool might encourage them to be on time!

Karlsson clocks are not for the fainthearted, they are for people who like to live life to the fullest, and who like making a powerful statement. So before you replace your boring existing clock with another department shop bargain, consider something with a bit of flair, try a beautiful and different Karlsson clock.


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    • profile image

      Elena 6 years ago

      You are right. The Karlsson clock is very appealing, and can add style to your home.