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Beautiful Bathroom Centerset Faucets

Updated on December 28, 2010

Bathroom Centerset two handle

Renovating or tearing apart a bathroom is easy. You can rip a bathroom apart in hours, but trying to find the right bathroom centerset faucet, sink, bathtub, toilet is a nightmare. Alot of the time men rip up the bathroom and the women pick out the interior and men build it back up.

Their are lots of bathroom centerset faucets out their, some having one handle, two handle three handle, some are automatic. Their are lots of different metals to choose from and different colors, my favorite would be the antique looking faucets that are absolutely gorgeous.

Bathroom Faucet

The Delta 25955 Faucet is a beautiful Victorian Faucet that is a two handle, it fits 3 hole applications which is perfect for most bathrooms, 4-inch center set installation, ADA compliant, Measures 2.5 inches wide x 6.5 inches long x 6.25 inches deep. You can add alot of charm to the bathroom and this is easy to clean only needing a simple quick wipe down.

The second Bathroom Or Lavatory Sink Faucet KS8611CML is a Brass construction that's output is 2.0 GPM / 7.6 LPM 60 psi.Faucet height 6".Spout reach 5". This is another one that is easy to clean.

When finding a faucet the silver looking centersets are usually the ones you want ot stay away from as well as the black ones. These are hard to clean because of the water marks and toothpaste marks that are left behind. If you have hard water, and it creates a calcium ring the best thing to clean the calcium away is distilled white vinegar. It wipes right away when you use the vinegar.

Bathroom Faucets of the Past

Check out some of these beautiful antique centerset faucets for your bathroom. The brass and nickel coloring is a great addition to a bathroom. Also these don't dirty up to quickly with water marks or crud from everyday use, making it alot easier on the upkeep. The antique faucets are made to fit modern sinks which makes things alot easier. Also if you have a dark wood color in your bathroom the antique brass looks great.

The Annapolis bathroom faucet is a great addition because it's something you don't see in alot of bathrooms and is really advanced because you can hook it up for reverse osmosis which is a great filtration.  It comes in many different metal finishes for that custom look of your bathroom.  It fits all bathroom colors and designs.


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