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Beautiful Curia Cabinets- Antique, Contemporary, Corner

Updated on April 12, 2011

Curio China Cabinets are great places to display fine china, or priceless nick knacks that you want nothing to happen to but are something that you want on display. Curio cabinets come in lots of sizes some hang on your wall, others are as big as a wall some are just plain curio cabinets and stand up against a wall displaying your valuables.

The glass shelves are great because it lets you see every aspect of the items your viewing and sometimes looks like their are just hovering in place for your viewing pleasure. I have two curio cabinets one with my wives fine china and the other with some German ornaments that are priceless collections.

Wall Curio Cabinets

Looking for a curio cabinet that hangs on your wall because you have a rough housing dog or child that could break it. The wall curios are great because you can choose the display height so that you can show off your collections. Wall curios cabinets are usually more popular because they are cheaper.

Curio Corner Cabinet

Looking for a corner curio cabinet or skinny curio cabinet because you have space limitations then you may want to check out these curio cabinets because they are alittle smaller for apartments, condos, or smaller rooms in general. Most of these have lights for displaying your collection or using as a night light.

Also most come in a oak, cherry, maple and many more finishes depending on order availability. It's also all one piece so their is no need to worry about it falling apart.

Gun Slinger Curio Cabinet

This is a unique Curio because it can hold up to 8 guns.  That's why ti has the nickname 8 gun slinger.  This comes in brown cherry and looks great in pretty much anyone's house.


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