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Beautiful Rock Garden in rural Karnataka

Updated on April 27, 2013
Even the resting place arrangements in 'Utsav" rock garden is wonderfully designed, as seen in this photograph.
Even the resting place arrangements in 'Utsav" rock garden is wonderfully designed, as seen in this photograph. | Source

Rural life depicted in a park

On the National highway running between Bangalore and Kolhapur, (NH 4) ,just 30 kilometers prior to Hubli- a famous business city in central Karnataka, is the village called Shiggaon.Here is the world's first 'Folklore University' started by Government of Karnataka.Just attached to its campus, is another important venue called -'Utsav' i.e.festival.That is the name of the famous 'Rock Garden' created in a unique style.

The rock garden has many attractions: There is the replica of a village head i.e. Gowda's house, as seen in many villages in Northern Karnataka. It is big and natural. To addd to its naturalness, the living style of people of older generation, its different scenes , are sculptured here.

The replica of a village head(Gowda)'s house, in north Karnataka
The replica of a village head(Gowda)'s house, in north Karnataka | Source
Some modern sculptures in garden.
Some modern sculptures in garden. | Source

Different scenes

different scenes seen in the house are-a lady swinging a cradle to make the child sleep, a villager pleading something to the head of the family,i.e. Gowda,Women at the traditional kitchen making food and serving fresh and hot food to a family member,,children playing the swing, cattle in the cow shed portion, etc..

In the beginning of the garden, i.e. at the entry itself, there is a rounded space marked "Raj kumar circle" ,named after the Kannada film matinee idol Dr. Raj Kumar, who died 8 years ago.A scene from one of his popular films, in which he dances playing with sticks (kolattam) with the heroine in the film, Bharathi, is created in the form of a sculpture.

Then in the garden, there are village houses of different craftsmen, like-carpenter, smith, etc as they are found in north Karnataka.

Best part of the garden is- the creation of a dairy ,i.e. cattle shed for milking the cows and buffaloes is created in sculpture.It looks so natural that we feel as if real cows and buffeloes are tied up there.

Mr. Solabakkanavar, the master mind and main artist cum planner of this Rock garden 'Utsav" has taken too much pain and hardship to create this masterpiece.

Whenever you happen to visit Hubli in Central Karnataka, please make it a point to visit this rock garden, at Gotagodi village, near Shiggavi village, on NH 4, not much distant from Hubli.

Web site and email

The management has its own website and email also. Interested persons may visit .

Cattle dairy sculpture.
Cattle dairy sculpture. | Source


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