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Beautiful Solar Garden Lights

Updated on February 10, 2013

Solar garden lights can be a beautiful addition to your garden.  You can find many different types of lights.  Some lights blend into the garden and others make a more distinct statement.  Looking at solar garden rock lights, the appeal of these lights is how they look so much like a real rock and blend in quite well with the garden.  Besides blending in and adding a tasteful element to your garden solar garden lights do not add to your electricity bill. 

Solar garden lights harness the energy from the heat of the sun to power themselves.  Each light has a solar collector placed on the top of the unit.  The light energy is transformed into electric energy that charges the batteries that the light runs off of.  The energy is stored and is used during the night to light up the garden light. 

Another great feature of the solar garden light is that it does not require a timer to turn the lights on in then evening. Solar garden lights are perfect to use in the garden, on your deck or patio, to line a walk way or your drive way. They do not require any wires so they can be placed as close or as far away from each other as you wish. Most solar garden lights are not meant to be over powering, but add a soft light that creates a very warm and inviting atmosphere.

Most solar lights allow you to replace their batteries so that when the original ones die you do not have to throw out the light. Be sure to read the manual of your light fixture carefully to see if your batteries can be replaced and if they require specific rechargeable solar batteries. Solar garden lights are available at most hardware and garden stores.

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