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Residential and Official Sectors With Building Glass

Updated on June 4, 2013

Enhance the Beauty of Residential and Official Sectors with Building Glass

Many advances have been made in manufacturing process of glass products that are used in building residential and official buildings. There was a time when these glasses were considered to be a high energy consuming products but now these glass products come with quality to conserve energy, minimize heat as well as gain or radiate heat, block UV rays and offer privacy.

The above mentioned properties are the reasons for which the utilization of glasses in architecture of the building has increased extensively. As people want to stay connected with the outer world as well as prefer natural light to enter their living area, the transparent quality of these glasses plays a significant role in architecture of a home.

There are many types of building glass that are used for enhancing the architectural beauty of homes and offices such as glass bricks, laminated safety glass, frosted glass, solar energy control glass and self-cleaning glass.

Glass bricks

These glasses are mostly used for construction in the industrial sectors. Nowadays these are also used for residential designs because of its structural properties and quality of providing privacy. These bricks diffuse the light entering the home thus preventing overheating during summer season.

Frosted glass

These glasses are designed using acid etching on clear glass sheets. These glasses are translucent in nature.

Laminated safety glass

These glasses are designed to prevent solar radiation and UV rays without obstructing the natural light from entering the room. These are especially applicable for constructing curtain walls and skylights.

Self-cleaning glass

These are used in areas where windows are not within the flexible reach with the help of ladders. These are fabricated with titanium oxide so as prevent easy breakage of these glasses when cleaned using warm soapy water or any residue solutions without leaving any streak or spots.

Traditional or Acrylic blocks

These glass blocks are available in various designs such as traditional or acrylic designs. These blocks enhance the beauty of a building to a great extent. These blocks come in different colors, sizes and styles. Light in weight, easy maintenance and durability are some of the appreciative properties of these blocks. In addition these are available with beautifully designed frames.

There are many online stores who offer an exclusive range of building glass. They offer these glasses at pocket friendly value within stipulated time period as preferred by their valuable customers.


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