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Become One Of The Pod People With A Pod Coffee Maker

Updated on March 20, 2011

The Pod Coffee Maker Makes Perfect Coffee Every Time

A pod coffee maker is a machine that makes a single serving of coffee with the use of pre-measured coffee grounds contained in a plastic pod or cup. The pod fits into a slot at the top of the pod coffee maker and hot water is pushed through the pod and then collected in a cup wainting below. Some of the most popular brands of pod coffee maker include Keurig, Krups, Melitta and Senseo.

A Pod Coffee Maker Has Many Advantages

There are many advantages to using a pod coffee maker. There is a huge variety of coffee strengths and flavors available to try to each one is sealed, offering optimal freshness. A pod coffee maker is very convenient as the need to measure ground beans and water is eliminated. Clean up is super easy as you just remove the pod and toss it away.

Inserting the pod into a Russell Hobbs Uno Pod Coffee & Tea Maker
Inserting the pod into a Russell Hobbs Uno Pod Coffee & Tea Maker

While a pod coffee maker is ultra convenient, it does have it's drawbacks. The throw-away pods are not environmentally friendly and your coffee choices are mostly limited to that of the machine manufacturer. Although some pod coffee makers can use different brands of pods. A few of the delicious flavors that are available are Columbian, Sumatra, Cappuccino, Vanilla, Hazelnut, medium and dark roast.

A Pod Coffee Maker Is Perfect For Single Cups

There are many conventional drip coffee makers available and then you can go to the highly unusual and outright strange designs such as the Neapolitan espresso stovetop type or the vacuum coffee maker. No matter how specialized your coffee tastes, you can be sure that out there somewhere there is the absolutely perfect coffee maker that suits your preferences.

Krups Pour Over Single Cup Pod Brewer
Krups Pour Over Single Cup Pod Brewer

From the single serve coffee makers to the dozen cups at a time carafe drip models, you can purchase a coffee maker that makes the exact quantity you want. The single serve coffee maker is also sold under the name of a 1 cup coffee maker, and if you prefer to drink a little bit more coffee at a time, you can select a 4 cup coffee maker marketed by the familiar name brands such as Braun coffee maker, and Capresso coffee maker. Retail coffee is not cheap, so why not look for sources online where you can buy coffee wholesale and then save yourself a lot of cash?

A single pod coffee maker, also known as a one pod coffee maker uses coffee maker pods to brew perfect coffee every time. You can select from major brand names such as Bunn pod coffee maker, Krups pod coffee maker, Braun pod coffee maker, or any of the brands of Tassimo pod coffee maker. One of the most famous ones is the Melitta pod coffee maker (which is commonly misspelled as Melita pod coffee maker). Coffee makers' pods are a great new development as it allows a coffee pod coffee maker to act as a single serve pod coffee maker to make one wonderful, delicious cup at a time!

JV by Salton Pod Coffee Maker
JV by Salton Pod Coffee Maker

The Pod Coffee Maker Is Modern & Trendy

 It is quite apparent that pod coffee makers are becoming more and more preferred. In the last decade they have grown to be the number one choice for countless consumers, especially in the work place.

Many pod coffee makers are stylish and sleek in appearance and are even available in different colors. You can choose classic black, white or silver or go for a punchy red or blue. With the many choices available, you're sure to find something to suit your style and personal tastes.

Braun Tassimo Pod Machine Demo

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