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Bed Bug Extermination

Updated on March 21, 2011

How to Extrerminate Bed Bugs

So your house has become infested with bed bugs. Complete bed bug extermination from a home can be a difficult challenge. If a professional exterminator is to do the job the man hours involved can make for quite the expensive job, on the hand if you take the task in your own hands you may not kill all the bed bugs and in a few weeks time have the same problem all over again.

The first step is to make completely sure you are suffering from bed bugs. They are about a quarter inch in length and have a reddish color. Now it is actually pretty hard to find these nasty little critters. If you can not seep at night it may be possible to use a flashlight and find them crawling on you or your bed. Another way is to pull the bed away from the wall and put a layer of Vaseline encircling the bed or its legs. Bed bugs cannot jump or fly so they will become trapped in goo and remain stuck there. Bed bugs do not bite every night so you may have to leave this trap down for several days.

If you have found bed bugs living in your home they must be exterminated as they can easily become a huge problem. Bed bug extermination can be performed by a professional and may be very expensive depending on the route to kill the bed bugs or you can try to do the job yourself.

Complete bed extermination will be difficult

If you decide to try bed bug extermination yourself there are few things you will need in place to get the job done right. A steam cleaner that produces steam above 113 degrees, large plastic bags, a freezer, a killer bed bug spray, and plenty of time. Everything I mean everything will need to be cleaned in the house. Start first in the room that the infestation was first sen in.

All objects should be cleaned inside and out. If starting in the bedroom if the mattress is torn it must be replaced. If the mattress is in good shape consider the purchase of a bed bugs mattress cover to keep the trapped inside or out. All hard objects should be wiped down with the spray. Furniture and rugs should be steam cleaned. Clothing should be placed in plastic bags and frozen for two weeks.

Remember to clean behind moldings and inside of outlets. This thorough cleaning should be performed through every room in the house. If a single bed bug survives the infestation can begin again with in weeks. So be sure to clean every room spotless. When all else fails consider calling in a professional bedbugs exterminator to get the job done it may be pricey but living with bed bugs is worse than spending a few hundred dollars.


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