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Bed Bugs Exterminator

Updated on March 21, 2011

How to find a bed bugs exterminator

If a house becomes infested with bed bugs, a more and more common problem in the United States an option to get rid of them is by calling in a bed bugs exterminator. Why are bed bugs such a problem? Well you could live with them if you didn't ming being there source of food.

The bedbug is a redskin insect measuring about 4 millimeters that feeds on human blood a few hours before dawn. They will then hole up for the day in a dark hiding spot. It is sometimes common to be living with bed bugs and not actually know it. The most common way to find out you have a bed bug problem is finding unknown bumps or a rash that has developed ever night with seemingly no cause.

These bed bug bites are normally harmless and if itchy an application of over the counter cortisone cream can help. Just be sure not to scratch the bumps since itching can cause the to become an open wound in return this could set the stage for infection, which would call for a prescribed antibiotic.

It is very important when searching for a bed bugs exterminator to make sure the individual or company is qualified to handle the treatment of the bed bugs. If a single bed bug is allowed to survive in the home after a single night of feeding the bedbug can return to its hiding place and lay enough eggs that the infestation would begin all over again.

How much does a bed bugs exterminator cost?

It is important that the bed bugs exterminator you choose is insured in case damage is caused to your house. With the advent of the Internet there are many ways to make sure the exterminator you choose qualified for the job.

The first place to begin is your local yellow pages. You should be able to receive free quotes and how the bed bug problem will b handled. It is wise to get at least five professionals to come to your house for estimates. Be sure to ask lots of questions when visiting with all the bed bug exterminators. Questions like how long it will take, the type of poison to be used if any, are they insured and so on.

After meeting with them all it is a god idea to make a quick Google search with their name to make sure they are reliable and honest. Prices of bed bug extermination will vary greatly depending on the level of infestation, the method used to kill the bed bugs, and where you live. Once the extermination is completely be very careful to keep your home nice and clean to keep the bed bugs away.


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