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Bed Bugs In Hotels

Updated on August 4, 2009

Bed Bug Signs In Hotels

With the new bed bug epidemic starting to reach across the United States the bed bug is making a strong comeback and no place is safe. Bed bugs in hotels is a rising concern not only have they appeared in broken down motels but upscale hotels. The key reason to the resurgence of the blood sucking insect is the new control over the use of d ht a chemical that was used in most insecticides.

No one is exempt from staying a night in a hotel and carrying the bedbug home with them on either there person or in there luggage. People who travel should be taking action to make sure the hotel or motel room they are staying in is free of bed bugs. Here is an overview of the bedbug. When full grown this insect measures almost a quarter inch and about half that in size. The body of the bed bug is a reddish brown in color.

They hide during the day in dark hidden places like mattresses or even cracks in the walls. The bug will come out of its hiding space just before dawn. To be able to find bed bugs in hotels there are a few ways to do this.

What to do if there are bed bugs in your hotel

The tiny little critter will leave behind a few clues that they are present in a hotel room. The first thing to make sure is the room is clean, bed bugs are more common in unkempt areas. A visual inspection of the sheets is also need, they will often leave behind reddish brown streaks on the bed sheets.

The next place to look for the bed bugs is under the mattress and around the edge of the frame. If you see any signs of bed bugs in your hotel you should immediately ask for a new room or consider changing hotels. There are also other precautions that you can take when traveling to ward off bring bedbugs home with you. You should keep clothing in plastic bags as this will keep bed bugs out from catching a free ride home with you. Also keep your luggage off the floor,

if you are really concerned there may be bed bugs in your hotel place double sided tape around your luggage as they will become stuck on the tape. Be sure to address any concerns you may have about bed bugs to the hotel management. If you are unfortunate enough to have brought these little buggers home with you, it can be a real pain g to get rid of bed bugs and also very expensive.


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