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The Best Way For Bed Bugs Removal

Updated on March 21, 2011

How To Know If You Have Bed Bugs Problem

Bed bugs removal can be performed by yourself or a bed bugs exterminator. While the latter is a sure method to get rid of bed bugs, it can also be a long and very expensive process. We first recommend if the infestation is not to great is to try and kill the bed bugs yourself. As you may have heard once an infestation has occurred it is very difficult to completely remove the bed bugs from your home. First you must know thy enemy. To get protection click here to get a

The bed bug is a blood sucking insect that feeds on the blood of animals or humans while they sleep. This tiny creature that is thought by many to be to small to see can actually seen by the human eye. The bed bug is a brownish, reddish color and measures almost a quarter inch in length with a very slender body. This slender body makes it easy for them to hide in the tiniest of spaces even cracks in the walls. Bed bugs removal should first begin in the room that they are thought to have struck first normally the bedroom.

There are some tools that you will need to be a to kill bed bugs. A steam cleaner, they can be rented locally. A bed bug spray that can be purchased in a brick's mortar shop or on line. A freezer to keep the critters out of your clothing, and a vacuum cleaner. To get started the bedroom should be stripped to the bare walls

Killing Bed Bugs Is Not An Easy Job

The bed bug will be killed at 113 degrees or below 32 degrees, we will use this sensitivity to temperature too our advantage. Clothing should be washed and dried and then stored in plastic bags in the freezer. The mattress in the bedroom should be covered in a bed bugs mattress pad or thrown out. Furniture can be steam cleaned or placed out in the sun if it is hot out as bed bugs detest extreme heat.

If there is a rug in the room it must be steam cleaned making sure to get every inch. Walls and other hard surfaces should be rubbed down with the spray. Items that can be put n the freezer should. A vacuum should then be used to give everything again a good cleaning. The removal of bed bugs is no easy job and if one female survives it can lay enough eggs in a month to start your bed bug problem all over again.

If these tips seem like to much and it is winter time where the house is located here is a sure fire method on how to get rid of bed bugs. Turn the house heat off and open the doors and the windows the bed bugs will freeze if the temperature remains below thirty two degrees. This may be the easiest way to rid the house of bed bugs but not the most convenient. When all else fails it may be time to call in an exterminator as a last resort.


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