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Bed Bugs Signs

Updated on April 19, 2011

What causes bed bugs and how to spot them

The signs and symptoms of bed bugs can often be quite hard to find. People first discover they may have an infestation of bed bugs when they develop bumps or a rash that they cannot be explained.

Bedbugs come out to feed on there human prey in the morning hours just before the sunrises. Click here to get information about a Bed Bug Mattress Cover at

By crawling from their dark hiding spaces a bed bug will find a spot in the skin and then insert a tube that releases saliva which numbs the skin, then a second tube is inserted into the skin for sucking blood.

This often lasts for a minute but can be up to five minutes in length, Another common bed bug sign is the leaving of drops of blood on the skin. Not everyone will get bumps or a rash from bed bugs so you must be on the lookout for other symptoms or signs.

If you have light sheets encasing the mattress, the bed bugs will often leave a trail of brownish fluid where they crawl that you will be able to see. If you see such signs do not fret there may be other causes that are not bed bugs. To make sure what we are actually dealing with is bedbugs, we should try and catch or trap the bed bugs.

These tiny little insects are about one third of inch in length and are of a reddish brownish color. Below there are a few different ways that we will discuss on how to trap bed bugs.

How to get rid of bed bugs

First be sure to clean your bedroom from head to toe, bed bugs signs will be easier to capture this way. Be sure your bed is not touching the wall as bed bugs can climb the wall and make there way into your bed. A messy but sure fire way to catch the bed bug is to put a layer of Vaseline around the legs or encircle the bed area with the goo.

A bedbug cannot fly or jump so they will become stuck when trying to make there way to the sleeping victim. Another not as messy way is to buy a roll of double sided tape and place this around the bed this works good if you have a carpeted floor. The last way to catch bed bugs is to keep a flashlight under the covers with you, and check your skin an hour so before the sunrises.

With any of these methods make sure not to give up after just one night. These critters only feed once every few days and can go as long as six months without a meal. I hoped this hub helped you learn some bed bugs signs. Future articles will explain what to do if you indeed have bed bugs living in your house.


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