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Bed Experts' Top 10 Tips for New Bed Care

Updated on September 4, 2016

So you’ve invested in a new bed – a mattress, a bed base or both – and want to make sure it gives you many years of good service and dreamy sleep. Here we’re going to look at the bed experts’ top bed care tips.

Memory foam and latex foam mattresses will come with their own specialised care instructions so these guidance points relate mainly to sprung mattresses.

10 Top Tips

  1. Don’t bend or roll your new mattress as this can damage the pockets or springs and may invalidate any warranty. Keep it flat.
  2. When you first take delivery of your bed, remove all the packaging and let it stand without bedding on it for a few hours. It will have been stored in a warehouse in the plastic wrap for some time so let any condensation or dampness evaporate. If the bed has been treated with fire retardant chemicals that leave a lingering smell, this will also give them a chance to lessen.
  3. When you get up in the morning, fold back the duvet/blankets to let the bed ‘breathe’ for 20 minutes or more. This lets the moisture from the sleeping bodies evaporate – we lose a considerable amount of fluid through perspiration during the night and it gets soaked into the bedding and mattress.
  4. Turn the mattress regularly. In the first few months when it’s new, turn it end to end each week. After that, turn it end to end each month. This helps the bed to wear evenly.
  5. Vacuum the mattress and base regularly – when you turn it is a good idea. This will get rid of a lot of the dead skin cells and dust that are part of the bedroom atmosphere.
  6. BUT mind your back when you do this! Mattresses are heavy so get help for this job and use the handles on the sides of the mattress to assist you in manoeuvring it. Make sure it doesn’t hit anything (like the wall or bed base) when you’ve moving it as this can damage the springs.
  7. Use a mattress cover or protector to prevent stains and marks. The chemicals in our perspiration can degrade the mattress fabrics and stitching so a protector will not only help with comfort but in addition a warranty may be invalid if the mattress is marked.
  8. To clean the mattress, follow the manufacturer’s instruction and never soak a mattress or base.
  9. To avoid damaging the mattress structure at the edge of the bed, don’t sit on it regularly other than to get in and out of bed.
  10. Make your bed a bounce-free zone. Bouncing will damage the springs and internal structure of the mattress and can damage the base as well.

Treat your new bed with love and respect and it will serve you well!

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