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The Bed Rest Pillow: Saving Your Neck and Back

Updated on September 27, 2011

Get Comfortable with a Bed Rest Pillow

Bed rest pillows aren't your average decorative pillow. Sure some of them can be coordinated to suit the color palette or overall design of a room, but these are truly functional pillows. They fulfill an important need. They provide back support for those times when you find yourself in bed, on the floor, or elsewhere without an adequate back rest.

On this page, you'll find some bed rest pillows that are attractive, affordable, and offer the back support you want. You'll also find some that are a bit more expensive but provide an adjustable, custom fit. If you don't find exactly what you need, you'll even find some resources to help you make your own.

Why These Cushions Might Be Right For You

Bed rest pillows are ideal in many situations. They provide the back support needed to avoid back and neck pain that you can experience when not properly seated in a chair. This makes them ideal for any time when you'll be sitting in bed, lounging on the floor, and so forth. There are many times when they can be put to good use:

1. Studying students. These pillows are ideal in dorm rooms to avoid having to sit on a hard chair at a desk to study.

2. Reading in bed. Millions of us spend time reading before falling asleep. A bed rest pillow is ideal for this.

3. TV watching. For some people watching TV from the floor or from bed is just natural. These pillow can keep you comfortable.

4. Gaming. It's often easier to sit forward or to sit on the floor while gaming but your back and neck will thank you for the extra support a bed rest pillow offers in these situations.

5. Working on a laptop while lying in bed, knitting, sewing, or doing any other kind of work in bed (or on the floor) for long periods of time is much easier on the back and neck with these pillows.

6. Recuperation from surgeries and breastfeeding infants will be easier and more comfortable with this added support.

Choosing And Caring For Your Bed Rest Pillow

When choosing your bed rest pillow you want the right size. Consider the dimensions, there are child size pillows out there, as well as adult size. A 16-18" x 25-27" is an average adult sized pillow. Keep in mind these pillows will take up space. Because of their bulk, they can be hefty for children and small adults to move from place to place or to store over head. A good handle can help, but you want to check the weight as well.

Double stitching adds to durability but consider the exterior fabric also. Cotton is washable but lighter colors show stains more readily. Fuzzier fabrics are sometimes preferred by young kids, but remember this can flatten out over time and look less attractive with heavy use.

Most bed rest pillows have to be spot cleaned with a damp cloth. Generally you don't want to soak the fabric as the moisture will soak through to the filling and that moisture will be there for a very long time, promoting mildew. Some of these back rest pillows may offer a removable cover that can be taken off and washed separately, but most do not. Using an appropriate fabric stain protector can be wise before you begin using your pillow but also be sure to read the care instruction on the pillow you choose.

For convenience, some of these pillows offer side pockets. This allows the user to keep items like game and TV controllers, calculators, small books, iPods, glasses and other items right by their side where they need them.

Corduroy Bed Rest Pillow

This adult sized, tan corduroy bed rest pillow is a bit darker than the image shown. It's a neutral color that will look nice in any bedroom. It has a 100% polyester fill and 100% cotton fabric cover that can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth.

This firm pillow provides excellent back support and won't get soft over time. Double stitched seams help to assure it's sturdiness over time as well. It measures 16.5" (length) by 29" (width) by 15.5" (depth). It also features a small fabric handle on top to help make repositioning it easier.

Cotton Twill Bed Rest Pillow

This is another affordable choice for those wanting a back rest while lounging in bed or on the floor. This pillow provide firm back support with a soft cotton twill fabric exterior. It has a fabric handle at the top to help in maneuvering it into place.

This adult sized pillow is available in black, khaki, navy, chocolate, garnet (red), and celadon (gray/silver).

Plush Bed Rest Pillow

With a retro look, this plush pillow is a favorite. It has a soft fabric covering, large corded trim, and is available in a variety of colors: camel, fuchsia, and lagoon (aqua). It also features a side pocket where you can store a TV controller, an iPod, your glasses, or other small items that you want to keep within reach.

Poodle Bed Rest Pillow

Kids, from elementary school age to college students, love this one. It features a polyester, suede-like fabric that is smooth on the back and fuzzy on the front. It comes in turquoise, lime, pink, and lilac. 

This bed rest has a poly, cotton, rayon blend fill which is firm and yet soft.  It measures 18" x 26" x 18" and includes a fabric handle on top to make it easier to carry and maneuver.

Faux Suede Bed Rest Pillow

This pillow features jumbo corded trim and a faux suede cover which is soft and attractive. It includes a side pocket for stowing small items like a TV remote control, a calculator, glasses, and other small items. It has a sturdy handle on top and is an affordable option for those who need support while laying in bed or on the floor.


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  • HomeInsights profile image

    HomeInsights 7 years ago

    I've always found bed-rest pillows to be better than normal pillows especially when sitting up in bed to read. Nicely written.

  • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

    Susan Haze 7 years ago from Sunny Florida

    Great, informative, well written hub. I love my rest pillow. Anyone who doesn't have one does not know what they are missing.

  • Luxurylinens profile image

    Luxurylinens 7 years ago from Toscana, Italy

    A rest pillow is very personal. You did a good job showing more then one kind of rest pillow and explaining their features! I'll choose the Corduroy bed rest pillow because it has a neutral color that will look nice in any bedroom.

  • irenemaria profile image

    irenemaria 7 years ago from Sweden

    You made me want one ...

  • Maryanne Maguire profile image

    Maryanne Maguire 7 years ago from Santa Monica, CA

    Agree, well researched. Need two of these, please :)

  • PaperNotes profile image

    PaperNotes 7 years ago

    If I were to chooses between a soft or hard surface to rest on, of course I'd choose the soft one. Thanks for this great article.

  • kingkhan78 profile image

    kingkhan78 7 years ago

    interesting hub and great article so keep it

  • Seakay profile image

    Seakay 7 years ago from Florida

    I have a bed rest pillow. When my father was diagnosed with cancer, I bought it for him so he could sit up in bed. He didn't use it for very long but even the few days of comfort for him were welcomed.

    Love it when I discover memories in someone elses posts! Thank you!

  • bayoulady profile image

    bayoulady 7 years ago from Northern Louisiana,USA

    I really want one of these. I didn't know they were still made. I use to have one and I turned it in such a way as to elevate my legs. I now how have stage 2 lymphedema in both legs and have to sleep with legs elevated. Since I am a hubber, do I need to sign out and then click your amazon add? I want that first one.(tan)So I may as well get it from your link.

  • Barbara_tenBroek profile image

    Barbara_tenBroek 7 years ago from Dayton, Ohio

    Really great information, very well researched.