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Bedroom Apartment Decoration Using Red Flowers

Updated on January 9, 2015

Red Flowers

Red is a powerful and striking color that carries a range of meanings in nearly all cultures. It's the color of blood – which associates with passion, love, and lust. The intensity of the associations makes red an ambivalent decoration choice. If you decorate with red, you are taking some risks.

Decorating with red flowers diminishes the element of risk because flowers are perceived as gentle, fragile organisms; their physical weakness tones down the intensity of the color. The combination of unsteady stature with bright and powerful red – a red flower -- creates a perfectly balanced decorating item that will revive and rejuvenate a quietly arranged bedroom.

Roses, Daisies, Tulips, Poppies...

It matters a lot what flowers you pick:

Red Roses

If you choose to decorate with red roses, the intent becomes a hint at love, or passionate lovemaking – depending on the strength of the hues and the condition of the flowers.

Red Daisies

Daisies add a touch of naivete, and love of communication – daisies are especially impressive in bouquets.

Red Tulips

Tulips bring a sense of mystery, along with some practical associations, as they were used as money at some point in history.

Red Poppies

The most pragmatical choice, however, would undoubtedly be poppies, the flowers that induce sleep – and hence make a natural choice for the bedroom.

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Posters or Artificial Flowers?

There two main directions you can take when decorating with red flowers (supposing real flowers are a problem): artificial flowers, and flower posters and prints. These are two different elements of room décor, each with its own purpose: artificial red flowers take up space and create their micro atmosphere, whereas posters, a form of wall decoration, influence the bedroom's atmosphere as a whole.

Artificial flowers can be scented, but they also collect dust. Bright wall decoration can become visually obtrusive – but it can also be removed, and reused later, or given way as a present. Eventually, it's a matter of taste.


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