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Bedroom/Living Room Apartment Decoration Using Blue Flowers

Updated on January 9, 2015

Blue Flowers

We take another step in our journey of decorating with flower posters and prints instead of real or artificial flowers. A quick recap of the advantages of wall art over actual blooms: very little to none upkeep (occasional dusting as opposed to exchanging water and trimming), decorative flexibility (a poster can be temporarily put away without consuming useful space), and more – take a look at our discussion of yellow, red and orange flowers for additional ideas.

Blue flowers differ from all above mentioned colors in one important aspect: blue is a cool hue, and it imparts a characteristic atmosphere that might not be to everyone's liking. Some consider blue to be relaxing and bittersweet, others deem it too melancholic and gloomy. Decorating with blue flowers requires careful consideration – and when practised with success, it can bring the most exquisitely beautiful results, arguably which no reds or yellows can match.



Pansies are popular garden flowers that found their way into interior décor due to their conquering fragile shape and deep color, a color that changes tones across the petals. Another notable visual characteristic is the transition to horizontal and vertical symmetry as opposed to the simple radial symmetry of daisies, for instance. Pansies, of course, possess a unique scent that many perfumes strive to recreate.


Irises most famously appear in Van Gogh's painting: he portrayed them close to the ground, in their natural environment, where their wavy growth seems to replicate the movement of ocean waves. Irises are large, and a single flower (a close-up in a poster) can act as an independent decorative piece; the yellow middle part provides an interesting palette contrast.


Bluebonnets grow many on a spike, and bear some resemblance to the irises – though they're considerably smaller. Bluebonnets embody the fun, summer side of blue flowers, and though cool in tone, appear to be warm in character.


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