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Bedroom/Living Room Apartment Decoration Using Orange Flowers

Updated on January 9, 2015

Orange Flowers

Let's continue our exploration of decorating with posters and prints instead of real or artificial flowers. As we mentioned in our discussion of yellow and red flowers, the benefits of wall art over real flowers are numerous: no need to dust the blooms, look after the stems, or change the water, no need to buy new flowers when old ones fade.

When flowers appear on a two dimensional image that hangs on the wall of your bedroom or living room, they make a lasting impact; they overlook the space rather than become a part of it – they actually generate mood rather than mix with existing atmosphere. In other words, flower posters can utilized as primary, not secondary decorative tools.

On top of that, images can be ordered in oversized shape, whereas real flowers, being real, can't be oversized – and artificial can be just too cumbersome.

Let's take a look at orange flowers. Orange is not a very common color in flora, yet it holds its own by appearing in some of nature's most striking botanical creations.

Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise must be one of the most exotic flower species making it into the mainstream of botanic décor. It combines orange with contrasting blue or lilac, and features an unusually energetic bloom – petals that seem to burst out as if in an explosion – reminiscent of a bird suddenly fluttering its wings. The exotic blend of color with sharp bright petals, and overall “un-European” appearance explain this flower's name.


Calla and Asiatic Lilies – two among more than a hundred species – boast a distinctive orange color that projects both excitement and something of a predatory instinct. Fashion designers consider orange an outwardly sexy color; here, with the sensual bloom opening up before our eyes, seemingly waving, this idea finds an unexpected expression. Interestingly, because orange implies equal part aggression and surrender, it is also unisex.

Poppies can provide a more tame and innocent alternative to the Lilies.


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