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Bedroom Living Room Apartment Decoration Using Yellow Flowers

Updated on January 9, 2015

Yellow Flowers

In this article we continue our exploration of decoration with the alternative of prints and posters instead of real or even artificial flowers. To recapitulate, the advantages of wall art consist of leaving the space free for something other than flowers, and the benefit of not having them collect dust, fade, or otherwise require attention.

Additionally, a poster, especially if kept in a robust frame, can last for years or even decades – it can be removed and replaced at will (in case you get tired of it, or look to redecorate) at any other location in the apartment. Finally, because posters don't age and don't get that “used” look, they can be given as a gift at any time – particularly so if the art is something very familiar (Van Gogh or Monet).

Yellow Daffodils
Yellow Daffodils


One of the most familiar yellow flowers image must be Van Gogh's sunflowers. Though seemingly innocent, the painter endowed them with verve and passion: some blooms appear to accelerate upwards, while others, apparently having used up all their life energy, have withered. Van Gogh managed to portray a real drama in this still life.


Unlike passion inducing red roses, yellow roses, being both lighter and warmer, project a touch of innocence and uncertainty. Some florists consider yellow roses to represent love and passion even more strongly than red ones: the latter focus on erotic sensations, while yellow express deeper, more comprehensive notions of companionship.


Also known as narcissuses, daffodils shed light on more complex aspects of love: unrequited affection, self-centeredness, and similar tragic or individualistic circumstances. Naturally, daffodils appear slightly reclined even at the height of their bloom – it looks contemplative on the one hand, but very soothing on the other.


Our last choice of yellow flowers is daisies: contrary to the intricate daffodils, these fun, simple, yet expressive flowers appear in cute, perhaps slightly messy, but undoubtedly upbeat crowds. Daisies are hard to find and upkeep in real or artificial form, so for those who love these flowers, poster might pose a feasible alternative.


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