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Bedroom Living Room Apartment Decoration With Pink Flowers

Updated on January 9, 2015

Pink Flowers

In this chapter of our series on decorating with flower posters and prints we discuss pink flowers – among the most vivacious and energetic of botanic flourishes nature produced. In articles on yellow, blue, and orange tones we discussed the benefits of decoration with wall art instead of real or artificial flowers. Dust collection repeatedly surfaced as one of the most harmful effects the blooms can suffer from – and it becomes particularly important in pinks, as it's a naturally light color that will acquire a pale and unhealthy patina with time, even if the flowers are dusted regularly.

The advantage of decorating with an image that will never fade or collect dust is obvious. Additionally, some flowers are notably hard to (grow) find in the northern hemisphere, lotus in particular being a good example.


Pink roses, luscious and fragrant, can project even more erotic flirtation than red roses. The scent gets lost in posters, but the visual qualities – and here the advantages of painting and photography step in – become enhanced. This is especially evident in close-ups, where a single rose reveals its petals as if in an act of seduction.


Some dahlia species resemble roses in visual texture, but generally the more straight lines of the smaller petals imply a more outspoken, direct character. The blooms of pink dahlias often include other colors – a touch of yellow or white on the edges or in the center, but we think that the most beautiful variations are those where the pink starts as pale near the root of the petal and grows brighter towards the tip – a gradual and gentle transformation.


As the national flower of India and the source of various Yoga terms, this flower inspires philosophic contemplation and introspection. Indeed, it's not “pretty” in the conventional meaning of the term – it has too much slow grace and perhaps a dash of aristocratic arrogance to it. Can be a perfect choice for projecting ambiguity or cat-like independence.


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