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Bedroom Shades To Keep Out The Sun

Updated on March 7, 2010

Window Shades Are A great Way To Keep Out The Sun

Sick and tired of waking each and every morning with that piercing sun coming through your blinds or curtains? Or do you need to blackout a bedroom so that your baby can sleep, giving you the peace that you need so desperately. Whether you are a shift worker or a mother of a resless baby, to prevent the light from getting into a room, you'll will need the proper window blinds for the job.

If you are trying to find a window covering choice that will block out nearly all accessible light from your rooms, your ideal choice is really a Bedroom Blackout DIY Kit - heavy black fabric on a strong plastic frame - has a few differences made to eliminate as much light as possible.

The first distinction is within the construction compared to a blind. Rather than rolling freely up and down over a roller that is attached at the top in the window frame, bedroom blackout DIY Kit have a foam border that are fitted into the inside of the frame to hold the blind close to the glass and prevent light from entering along the sides.

The fabric itself - has a special lightproof treatment to lessen light transmission and reflect heat away from the window and out of your room.

Maybe you don't need total light blockage. There are other options that are a lot more suitable for dimming the light in a room and helping to keep it cooler inside the heat or retaining heat during the winter. Often referred to as 'dim out blinds' they are typically made of similar fabric with some light blocking properties, but aren't fitted into channels to block all light. They arrive inside the same range of colors, patterns and styles developed to coordinate with any room décor, so shop around to discover window treatments that fit your rooms perfectly.

If you're purchasing blackout blinds from the internet be sure to visit their web site to get detailed measuring instructions. Since blackout blinds of any kind must be cut to measure, you'll seldom get a refund if you make a mistake with the measurements or pick a color that doesn't suit your rooms.

Window Shades That Blockout 100% Of The Sun

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    • profile image

      Vegiemite 2 years ago

      Here is a product I've used that works great as a total blackout solution for windows: or look on Amazon for ShiftShade

      We put it in our boys room and it is completely dark, even during the day and makes for great sleeping. It's also non-permanent so a great solution for renters.