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Beige Curtain: The Perfect Answer to Any Decor

Updated on March 21, 2011

Choosing the Right Beige Curtain for Your Windows

Deciding you want a beige curtain for your window is one thing, figuring out what style of beige curtains will suit your window and decor best can be another. Many people only believe that curtains come in drapes of classic style curtains including the valance and drapes, but many are unaware of the vast selection of styles and fabrics that curtains come in.

First of all, you should measure your window length and width. This will say a lot about the length and style beige curtain you will be looking for.

Next, you should consider your home's decor style. If your home is more traditional or country, then tab top drapes may not be the best choice for you. Instead opt for a frillier, lacy, or classic option of beige curtain that ties back and has a top valance. This looks great on shorter windows as well. Opt for khaki type materials, sheers, or laces.

For privacy issues, such as rooms that overlook a busy road or for the bathroom, choose curtains that have the valance with the half curtain for the bottom half of the window.

More modern designed homes should choose beige curtains in a plain, sleek and stylishly designed fabric. This means to opt for clever patterns woven within the actual beige fabric, but still maintaining its overall beige curtain effect. You can always choose a very plain beige curtain too. Nothing looks more sleek than having streamlined design with a linen type weave.

These longer options of drapery are great choices for longer windows. If you don't like the look of just the long drapes, then consider using tie-backs or adding a valance to go with the curtain. Swag and scarf style beige curtains can also be elegant for any decor.

Choosing the Right Shade of Beige Curtain

Lighter shades of beige curtains or beige drapes can be great for a light room if you're looking to make the room appear lighter, larger, or just refreshing. Just be sure not to clash with a pale yellow wall or other pale color. Think of how your favorite khakis would look next to your wallpaper or paint. If you worry about dirt or have a lot of animals, then dark beige curtains may be a better option for you. Light beige curtains can look great in a dark room to lighten things up.

Darker shades of beige curtains can look great in a medium toned room or a light room. you probably will want to steer clear of dark beige in a very darkly painted or wallpapered room or a room with little lighting. This effect may be too dark and depressing.

Another thing to consider is the tone of the color. Like skin tones, all colors can be warmer or cooler. Recognizing if a color has more blue or red can really tell you if you need a grayer beige curtain or a golden beige curtain, although overall, beige is pretty neutral. There are also real neutral beiges that go with just about anything. You can find low prices on beige curtains at and also at the world's largest auction site eBay.

beige curtain
beige curtain


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