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Belgian Waffle Maker and Accessories

Updated on July 23, 2009

A Belgian waffle maker offers a light, delicious, and fluffy waffle in almost no time - well it’s just a wait of 90-120 seconds or so. These family-sized kitchen appliances are able to bake a waffle that's as close to commercial quality as possible.

Select from a fast bake for a waffle that's crisper and soft, to a deep bake resulting in a more textured or uniformed finish. Create a truly customizable waffle in a choice of tastes, from a hazelnut-orange waffle to a morning glory almond waffle or a classic buttermilk waffle.

Type of Belgian Waffle Makers

Toastmaster, Villaware, Waring, Cuisinart, Krups, Oster, Salton, and Black & Decker all design and manufacture some of the best Belgian waffle maker appliances for home use on the market today. Features seen with these bakers include an ability to select flavor, color, and texture, non-stick griddles, all with easy-clean channels.

One popular model is the heavy-duty Waring Pro WMK300 Belgian waffle maker - with its innovative 180-degree rotary feature for an all-over consistent bake and browning. The extra deep pockets for the thickest waffle, as well as syrup or fruits often results in a restaurant-style waffles, with LED indicators, 6-browning settings, and audio signals - all finished in brushed stainless steel.

If shopping for a waffle maker it's often advantageous to read a few reviews of shoppers actual experiences with using a particular product. So, deciding on the idea baker can be facilitated by reading a mixed selection of Belgian waffle maker reviews all viewable at a multitude of online sources. Searching online often returns a whole host of opportunities for locating the most relevant waffle maker for a task at hand.

After purchasing one of these nifty little kitchen appliances it might help to start looking out for some delicious recipes. To suit those wishing to create some delightful treats in a multitude of flavors to please all tastes. A selection of these recipe books are seen in most good book stores, and on occasions a list of recipes will come with the actual Belgian waffle baker itself.

Whether it’s a apple pit flavored waffle, oat bran or a banana flavored waffle or even a simple old regular waffle there is an immense selection of home kitchen appliances to prepare waffles - almost comparing with those in a restaurant environment. A Belgian waffle iron is often a fantastic addition to accommodate most kitchens and an easily and quick means for preparing a tasty snack or meal.


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    • profile image

      belgian waffle makers 7 years ago

      belgian waffle maker make the waffle look beautiful and nice

    • profile image

      joseph 8 years ago

      Chefs choice M850 is the best belgian waffle maker bar none, its used in commercial bussineses because of its speed of cooking 90 to 120 seconds no other waffle maker can cook with that type of speed, but also its produce's great quality waffles.