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I Guess The Bella Rocket Pro Blender is My kinda Blender!

Updated on July 17, 2014

Here's The Bottom Line : I use it all the time.

I'm glad that I bought the Bella Rocket Pro blender instead of one of the other popular bullet blenders.There are several options but this one was 'just right' for my needs.

It was in the Goldilocks zone. It was not too highly priced and not too cheaply made. It was .. just right.

Like many of you, I'm sure, I first became interested in this type of blender by seeing those ever present Nutribullet infomercials.

You know, you pass through it dozens of times and then finally listen to the concept behind it. We already had a juice extractor that we liked.

The only problem with our L'equip juice machine was that you needed to clean it right after making the juices.

And we had a decade old blender. It was working just fine, thank you.

But, the thing is, these bullet blenders just looked so much easier.

What makes the Bella Rocket Pro so special?

Knock on wood, but this is one of my purchases that still pleases me a great deal.

The bullet blender works well and mixes up my shakes in just a few seconds. That's what I got it for.

But there were some unexpected bonuses that I hadn't really thought about when I purchased this unit.

I use the large 24 ounce tumblers with a lip ring as my go to glasses.

I'll fill one with ice and water and have a way to hydrate while exercising. I'll make a drink in one while relaxing and watching television in the evenings.

You can even grind your own coffee bean with the other stainless steel cutting blades. I've not used that feature yet but am looking forward to grinding my own fresh coffee someday.


Here's what my Bella Rocket Came With :

I was surprised at all the accessories that were included.

The motor base, emulsifying blade unit and 24 ounce tumbler are the core of this set. They combine to make juices and mix drinks .

The operation of this unit is really simple. For example, when I mix up my daily glass of Shakeology. I just put in several cubes of ice, some water, and a scoop of the Shakeology mix.

Then I screw on the emulsifying blade unit. Next I line up the tabs and put this 'bullet' onto the motor base. Twist and push down for a few seconds and my smoothie is ready.


All you need to do from that point is to unscrew the emulsifying bade unit and slip on one of the lip rings and enjoy the drink you've made.

The whole process takes just seconds. If you make a fruit drink it should take just a minute or so longer.

It's easy!

The 2 blade units.

The main blade unit - the one that makes the drinks and smoothies - is the emulsifying blade unit. It's the one with the four blades that make an "X".

The grinding blade unit has just two blades. You can use it for tasks like finely chopping up nuts or grinding coffee beans. I had been intending to try this unit out with coffee beans for a while now.

Spurred on by writing this article, I ground some fresh coffee just this morning.

I was pleasantly surprised at how well, and efficiently, the grinding blade worked. It was fun to make and enjoy a truly fresh cup of joe this A.M.

The tumblers.

This set came with 5 tumblers. The are BPA-free and are heavy enough that I think they'll hold up well. I use the three 24 ounce tumblers all the time.

I not only make my shake with them but also have one nearby filled with ice and water or some other cool drink.

The 12 ounce tumbler ( there are two of them ) have not gotten as much use. I made some coffee in one and am storing the balance in it presently.

A whole buncha' lids and rings! :)

Yeah, you've got an ample assortment of accessories here. The lip rings fit over the top of a tumbler to make it effectively a glass. Then you get 3 solid lids that you can snap on to store stuff. There is even a travel lid that makes it harder to spill the contents.

Finally, there is a shaker lid which I guess a person could use if they pulverized some nuts for instance and wanted to sprinkle them on a cake. ( Shrugs shoulders).

Lids and rings galore!
Lids and rings galore!

Making a smoothie with this blender.

Comparing the Bella Blender to The Nutribullet and Magic Bullet

Bullet Blender
Approximate Price*
Bella Rocket Pro
about $60
Very good.
about $90 to $130
Probably pretty good
Magic Bullet
around $50
Looked cheaply made to me.
* prices vary and are subject to change all the time
* just my humble opinion.

What Grade Do You Give This Bullet Blender?

4 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of The Bella Rocket Pro Bullet Blender

I Give it 4 Stars!

Fooled Ya!

Bet you thought I'd give the Bella Rocket Pro the full 5 stars, didn't you? Well, the only reason I didn't was because I've only had it for about 3 months.

I really love it.. so far. Maybe I'll update this article on down the road and even increase my rating. it's possible.

But for now it's a good, solid 4 stars.

This is inline with the bulk of reviews that I've found online.

Reviewers comment favorably when writing about the tumblers. They like the thickness of the glasses for one thing.

I agree. I feel like they will last.

They also frequently comment about the quick and efficient operation.

Me, too. You might as well put that old style blender far back in the storage closet. Doubt if you'll be needing it again soon.

Some reviews said that their Bella blender didn't last.

Knock on wood, I've experienced zero problems.

I love that the unit takes up very little counter top space. I am delighted to be able to make my shakes so darned fast. And, I especially love how simple and straight forward clean up is.

Just rinse the glasses really good and let them air dry. You could probably put the tumblers in the top rack of the dishwasher but I'm hesitant to do that.

I'd love to hear your comments and/or questions about the Bella Blender. Leave a comment!

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