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Benefits of Artificial Grass over Natural Grass

Updated on August 17, 2017

A house with a beautiful lawn always manages to take people with awe. Everyone desires to have a lush green lawn where they can sit and relax when the weather is pleasant. However, it is easier said than done as creating and maintaining a beautiful garden requires a great deal of work. Thus, a better alternative would be to go for artificial grass. If this doesn’t sound convincing enough then here are 10 reasons which clearly states why artificial grass is a better option than natural grass.

8 Reasons to Choose Artificial over Natural?

It is always said that natural is better than artificial. This might be true but not in all cases. Sometimes, artificial can be as good as natural if not better and the best example of this is artificial grass.


While natural grass requires lot of care and maintenance in order to keep it in a good shape, artificial grass requires low to none. You just need to be careful about not using too pointed things on your grass carpet which could pierce it, thereby damaging it.

Saves Water

One of the best things about artificial grass is that it does not require any water to maintain its health and greenery. On the other hand, natural grass area consumes up to 60% - 70% of daily household water to stay lush green.


When it comes to natural grass, you have to deal with insects and bugs because they seem to love it. However, this is not the case with artificial grass. Bugs would not be an issue as there would be no natural grass to attract them.


If environment is your concern then you are definitely going to prefer artificial grass over natural grass. This is simply because, artificial grass does not require use of fertilizers, insecticides or gas operated appliances for maintenance that can cause harm to the environment.



Artificial grass does not seem to lose its charm even when it is exposed sunlight. This is because it is resistant to UV rays and also to weather conditions. Natural grass on the other hand can dry out and die in crucial weather conditions or excessive sunlight.


Natural grass area tends to develop patches due to several reasons such as shady areas, traffic, lack of water, diseases, pets use etc. This does not happen with artificial grass. Thus, you can have a patch free lawn throughout the year, unless used very harshly.


Both artificial and natural grass can cause allergies in some people. However, the number of people allergic to synthetic grass is much less as compared to natural grass. In fact, allergy to natural grass is one of the most common allergies found in people today.

Can be Used Daily

You can walk on artificial grass all day every day and you will still find the area in good shape. However, this is not the case with natural grass. In order to keep them in good shape, you need to ensure that you use the area moderately, especially the play area.

It is true that natural grass has its own charm. However, considering the benefits of synthetic grass which it possesses over the natural grass, going for the former can actually prove to be good idea. Moreover, when it can help you save both time and money while providing almost all the benefits of natural grass then why shouldn’t one go for it.


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