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Benefits of Growing Indoor Plants

Updated on September 20, 2010

When talking about the advantages of having indoor plants, most people would think of it as a decorating tool. But actually the benefits of growing indoor plants can be numerous. Apart from being a décor in your room, indoor plants can greatly benefit your health and mood. I’ll explain it in three aspects:

They are decoration tools

When you want to do some arrangement to the furniture and things, you do not think of them as separate items, you will think about the settings as a whole. The color of your room can influence people’s feeling toward your room, even if your furniture is so good, if it lacks some green, it is not going to impress your guest. Indoor plants will add some green to your room and makes if lively and full of joys.

They clean the indoor environment

You cannot alienate yourself from environment and environment greatly affects people’s feelings and health. Besides basic necessities in daily life, indoor settings should make people aware of the scent of life and nature. Indoor plants can absorb radiation, reduces pollution and emit oxygen. It also reduces noise and alleviates pressure. Modern decoration materials use harmful paints, indoor plants can absorb some of these and ensure people’s health.

They optimize indoor space

In the decoration of households, indoor plants can perform certain function. For example, using indoor plants to separate different spaces. If you have some corners in your room which is of no use, you can put indoor plants there to keep it occupied. You can choose plants according to the size makes your indoor space fully utilized.

They absorb harmful substances in the air

Most of the indoor plants absorb carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, radiation, formaldehyde. Because their leaves and bodies are full of water, so it makes it possible to absorb the radiation released by household appliances. Especially in the winter, with windows and doors closed, plants can absorb smoke and carbon dioxide to keep the air fresh. So people don’t have to do more on ventilation.


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