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Benefits of Through-the-Wall Air Conditioner Units

Updated on January 18, 2016

Summer is a hot and humid season of the year. People face many problems and difficulties in spending their time in the summers. Some people can afford to go to a hill station or colder region to spend their summer time in comfort. But, there are many people who can't have the resources to go abroad or afford such luxuries. So, they have to spend their time in the scorching heat of summers. Air conditioning solved this problem. With its help, you can spend your time in your homes even when it’s too hot. You can sit in the indoor restaurants, movie theaters or in your homes by simply having it.


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Air conditioner makes you feel cool by keeping the temperature and the humidity level under control. It can be placed in a room or in an entire building so that the people inside can spend their time in comfort. The working of an AC is quite simple. The air from the room is sucked by an AC unit which passes through the cold pipes. The moisture from the air is absorbed as drops of water. Then, the cold air that passes through the cold pipes is thrown and makes the room cool. It creates an artificial environment which provides comfort to the people in the hot summers. In this way, people can spend their time with ease. They can work in a good environment because no one likes to work in the hot weather.

In the market, there are mainly two types of air conditioners available, one is the window AC and the second one is through-the-wall AC. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. One should choose an air conditioner as per the requirements. No doubt that a window AC can cool down the room in no time but buying it can be heavy on your pocket. On the other hand, a through-the-wall air conditioners are less expensive, and ranges from $200 to $600.

There are many other benefits of choosing a through-the-wall air conditioner instead of a window air conditioner. Some people like to buy a window air conditioner because they consider that it is portable and easy to install and uninstall. Anyhow, they don’t consider the fact that window AC makes a room look even smaller because a large part of its unit sticks outside. Secondly, if you have only one window in your room then it will also block the view of your window. On the other hand, a through-the-wall air conditioner does not block your window or any other view because it only sits flush with the wall. Comparing both of them you can easily observe that through the wall air conditioning takes less space and effort. Additionally, anyone can install it easily.

The installation of a through-the-wall air conditioner only requires a hole through the wall so that the unit can sit perfectly on the wall. The hole should be done by a professional so that the unit can sit perfectly without tilting to any side. You can also uninstall it very easily and can also block the wall because there is only a small hole. In the market, there are various through-the-wall air conditioners with different prices and features. You need to compare them and find the one that suits your requirements.


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    • sarifearnbd profile image

      Shariful Islam 

      6 years ago from Bangladesh

      Great information and tips, thank you for sharing.


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