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Benefits of a Home Security System

Updated on March 15, 2011

The Houston Astros, the Houston Texans, the Houston Rockets, Moody Gardens, Rice University-these are all landmarks, locations, and sporting opportunities associate with Houston, Texas. In fact, there is so much to do in Houston that you could spend every weekend doing something different. So if you are a Houstonite, chances are you take advantage of the plethora of places to get out and enjoy your city.

However, like cities everywhere, Houston has its share of crime concerns. In fact, despite the lowering of crime rates in recent years, it is still necessary to have a home security system installed in your home. Today’s technology makes this easy and affordable. Unlike in days past where one had to have a wired security system or mandatory landline, today one can have home security in Houston with no landline required.

No matter where one lives, all it takes is watching the 6 o’ clock and one will realize that crimes are still taking place all across America. Consequently, a home security system is a must. In fact, statistics show that homes without a security system are twice as likely to be burglarized.

Of course, keep in mind that a home monitoring service provides much more than preventing a home invasion. A home security system has several other features that make it a home or businesses owner’s most vital investment. These features and options include:

·         Smoke detection/high heat

·         Flood warning

·         Freeze warning in case the house gets too cold

·         Carbon monoxide detection

·         Two-way communicators, pendants and call buttons

·         Multiple control panels and security zones

·         The ability to activate the security system from a remote location via an assortment of communication devices

Of course, having a home security system is only useful if you use it. Be sure that if you have a home monitoring system that you are diligent in your use. Be sure that you activate your system both when you are away as well as when you are at home. Sadly, there are numerous robberies and home invasions each year that could have been prevented if the home owners had turned their home security system back on after they had entered the home.

In addition to having a home security system, there are many other things you and your family can do to reduce your risks of becoming a victim. Some of these include:

·         Keeping shrubbery and trees trimmed neatly so that windows and doors are not obscured from view

·         Not allowing newspapers or mail to pile up in your yard

·         Installing outdoor motion detectors and lights

·         Paying attention to neighborhood activities

·         Making sure that your doors have peepholes that can be used by everyone in your home.

·         Not advertising new purchases by leaving boxes outside in plain view of passerby’s

Living in Houston, like living in any other U.S. city , has many places that can be enjoyed. Make the most of living in the city by taking a personal stand against crime. Talk to a home security provider to find out what system will be best for your needs. 


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