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Benefits of the LED GU 10 Light Bulb

Updated on August 1, 2010

For quite a while, there has not been much variety in the types of light bulbs available for use in one’s home. Everyone is familiar with the incandescent types that have been in use for many years. Then a little more recently the CFL bulbs (compact fluorescent lamp) became popular because of their energy saving properties and the fact that they last much longer than the incandescent style. Now there is a light source that can last ten times longer than even the fluorescent type. This is the LED (light emitting diode). This type has been used in electronics and other items such as indicator lights (the little red light you see when you turn on an item such as a DVD player) among other things.

These new types are used in many ways today. These include traffic signals, car tail lights, and flashlights. These bulbs are also now used in the ball that is dropped in Times Square on New Year’s Eve and stands as a symbol of our commitment to saving energy. They are used in these objects because they are long lasting, efficient, and operate on reduced electrical energy. They are not made of glass, so there is very little chance of breakage and there’s little concern that a filament will break if with the slightest bump. They are now made in many colors, as can be seen in the vast array of items that include them, such as festive rope lighting and holiday decorations.

However, the latest use of LED lights is in general, everyday lighting, such as in the home. The LED GU10, for use in the home, actually consists of many small LED lights grouped together as one. Replacing a tungsten or fluorescent bulb with one of these GU10 leds will have several positive effects for the homeowner. This lamp uses up to 80% less electricity than do conventional lamps. In addition, it can last up to 25 years (when used 3 hours per day), much longer than other types. Using these can save the homeowner a considerable amount of money in electric bills over the long term.

With the advent of this new light source, the homeowner will find many uses for it. Besides general lighting, it is excellent for use in items such as reading lamps, accent lighting, and landscape lighting, to name just a few. Because of their efficiency, durability, and long life, a home owner cannot go wrong when exchanging their current incandescent models for the new style GU10 LED lamps.


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    • Robert Craythorne profile image

      Robert Craythorne 4 years ago from Okehampton, North Devon, UK

      I've just bought some of these bulbs for our kitchen for 2 reasons;

      (1) It will save energy and (2) I'm fed up of replacing the halogens that seem to last just a matter of weeks before they blow!