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Berkey Water Filter System Review: How It Can Improve Your Health

Updated on March 1, 2014

Do you like outdoor activities or want to learn how to purify your drinking water of harmful chemicals? Read further and I will show you how to use one of the best portable home water filter systems (the Berkey water filter system) to purify your tap water. In addition, I will reveal some shocking information about the water industry that they don't want you to know.

We all know that water is essential for our survival. Without access to drinking water, we will die in less than a week. Did you know that your body is made up of about 60 percent water? Did you also know that up to 90 percent of your body weight comes from this liquid (1)? Water is great for rejuvenating your health, but due to water pollution it is becoming a health hazard. For this reason, it is wise to purchase and install a good water purifier in your home, such as the Berkey water filter system.

If you live in the United States, some of the common toxins found in its drinking water are hydrofluorosilicic acid, sodium fluoride, heavy metals, chlorine and pharmaceutical drugs. This is just a small list of the dozens of toxins in drinking water. Some of these toxins are also found in the drinking water of many countries throughout the world.

Hydrofluorosilicic Acid and Sodium Fluoride

Many of us have been conditioned to think that sodium fluoride is natural and healthy for us. This claim is simply not accurate. The natural version of fluoride is called calcium fluoride, which is naturally found in soil and ground water (2). The fluoride used to treat drinking water is known as sodium fluoride. This version of fluoride is a synthetic industrial waste of the phosphate industry. The term "fluoride" is a code name used to represent many different chemicals that make up fluoride, including but not limited to, aluminum, cadmium, arsenic and hydrofluorosilicic acid (3) (4).

One of the toxins you should pay attention to is hydrofluorosilicic acid. This toxic chemical is so acidic that it can eat through concrete. This acid is one of the main chemicals in the fluoride that water treatment facilities used to treat drinking water in the United States. The short video below will show you visual evidence of how strong hydrofluorosilicic acid is.

The dozens of hazardous chemicals in sodium fluoride aren't lethal because they have been diluted, so that they can be ingested without causing immediate death. However, ingesting these toxins will eventually cause major health problems in the near future. This is why they are called silent killers. These harmful chemicals are some of the main reasons why you should invest in high quality water filters.

How to Purify Your Drinking Water

There are a few ways to purify your drinking water of sodium fluoride and other contaminants, but the most convenient way is to use a water purifier that is designed to remove sodium fluoride and other toxins. Multistage home water purifiers are often recommended for removing hazardous chemicals, such as sodium fluoride and hydrofluorosilicic acid. For best results, purchase a system that has activated alumina filters or reverse osmosis technology and install it in your home. If you are interested in a portable water purifier system that can remove fluoride, I recommend the Berkey water purification system with PF-2 fluoride filters.

Berkey Review: Why You Should Purchase a Berkey Water Filter System

Out of all the portable home water purifiers I reviewed, the Berkey water filter system is one of the best portable water purifiers that I have used. I bought my first Travel Berkey over 3 years ago and it is still working without any problem. What I like so much about this Berkey product is that the Berkey black gravity filters are re-cleanable. This means that I can reuse these Berkey filters a few times before disposing them and therefore saving me hundreds of dollars. In addition, the water filtered by Berkey filters tastes fresh and doesn't have the synthetic flavor of tap water.

I'm still using the same Berkey black filters that I bought with the Berkey system and they are still working like new after 3 years. You can't do that with traditional filters since they aren't re-cleanable and reusable. Water filters aren't cheap. A good filter can cost anywhere from $40 to over $80.

Berkey home water purifiers are portable and they don't need electric power or water pressure to work. This means that you can bring them with you when you move or go on camping trips. According to the manufacturer of Berkey, their black gravity filters are so powerful that they can remove nearly 100 percent of pathogens. This is due to the unique feature of the Berkey black filters, which contain micro-pores that are so small that pathogenic bacteria can't pass through them. They also claimed that the Berkey black filters can remove food coloring from water without removing certain beneficial minerals that are found in drinking water.

Why You Should Avoid Cheap Water Filter Systems and Bottled Water

A lot of us like to purchase cheap water filters from local retail stores. These filters aren't good at removing certain contaminants, such as sodium fluoride and hydrofluorosilicic acid. Bottled water or filtered water from your local stores isn't the best choice either, because it is usually not purified with reverse osmosis technology or activated alumina filters. Bottled water is often added with chlorine, a chemical that is effective at destroying the natural microflora in your body (5). In addition, it is contaminated with phthalates, which are hormone disrupting chemicals found in plastic containers (6).

If you have been drinking tap water your whole life, once you purchase and install a high quality water filter system in your home, you should notice a change in your health after a few weeks. If you are suffering from dental fluorosis, a health condition that causes the teeth to turn brown or black, you should invest in a water filter system that can remove sodium fluoride, such as the Berkey water purification system. Dental fluorosis is caused by having too much sodium fluoride in your body. In extreme cases, this medical condition can cause your teeth to crack or fall off.









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    • profile image

      Tamara Mayo 

      5 years ago

      This is really great information. I've been looking for an effective and reliable water filter for a long time. I'm very happy to have stumbled upon this article. Thank you for sharing!


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