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Best Arizona Painting Companies

Updated on May 1, 2015

Trying to get your house painted in Arizona should be an easy task, as there are so many contractors to choose from. Yet this abundance leads to its own problems; how can you sort through and find the most reputable painting companies in the state?

Chris Bridge Painting (CBP)

CBP has been serving the Phoenix metro area for 35 years and enjoys one of the highest referral rates in the state. Its services include decorating, staining, fine finishing, and varnish work. It also has an excellent blog, which is regularly updated and provides free advice for the many aspects of paint jobs.

Arizona House Painters

This company specializes in exterior and interior paint jobs, along with epoxy flooring. It uses high-quality materials like Dunn Edwards and Sherwin-Williams paints, and all its employees have passed a rigorous training course.

Arizona Painting Company

This is an organization that prides itself in providing exceptional customer service and features caring and devoted crews. Each Arizona Painting Company crew consists of two to three people, including an on-site foreman who guarantees the work being performed is up to standard.

Smith Painting

As it has been in business since 1947, Smith Painting can claim to be one of the oldest painting companies in the state of Arizona. In the modern era, it continues to uphold the proud traditions of the company, which include customer satisfaction, high-quality materials, and personnel supervision.

CLC Enterprises Inc.

This company was founded in 1982 and is staffed by individuals with expertise in both painting and customer service. This allows CLC to produce high-quality work to the satisfaction of its clientele.

Northern Arizona Painting

This company claims to be a one-stop shop for residential painting services, including specialty painting and even snow removal. Northern Arizona Painting also focuses on interior and exterior painting, epoxy garage floors, and acid staining.

MTS Painting

MTS is on a mission to provide impeccable exterior and interior painting services to its customers. It promises to use business practices derived from high ethical and moral values and believes the customer deserves to be treated with respect.

Certa Pro Painters

This company focuses on customers in the Phoenix/Ahwatukee areas, along with residences in Chandler and Maricopa. It is a family-owned business that began in 1939, and it leverages its project management skills to ensure each job runs smoothly.

Butcher's Painting

This is another family-owned business that has served the Phoenix metro area since 1985. It offers exterior and interior painting services and promises to get every job done on time and under budget.

JTG Painting

This company specializes in different types finishes as well as interior and exterior painting.Their website boasts a timely completion of each project with great results.They are efficient and well priced, and will help you with the creative process of your project, advertising quality licensed and insured work.


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