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Best Black and White Bedding - Ideas and Inspirations

Updated on March 25, 2012

Themed Bedrooms in fashion

Themed bedrooms are a fashion nowadays. People have gone to the extent of hiring interior decorators to help them choose an impressive theme and work on it. But like how old fashions come back in trend in all fields, in the bedding field to, the trend of black and white themed bedrooms has come back. In this lens, I have written about some of the popular black and white bedding in the market and also some tips that will help you choose the right one for you.

What material to choose for the bedding?

Cotton Vs Polyester Vs Microfiber

Black and white bedding come in cotton, polyester, microfiber and rarely in velvet. Though velvet gives a look of luxury, it cannot be machine washed. Cotton comforters feel good and look decent. Microfiber is good for zebra prints as long as the material doesn't look cheap. You also get microfiber comforters at a lower cost than cotton. Polyesters are better than microfiber and cheaper than cotton. They are very easy to maintain and you don't have to worry about one color fading into another. So I would really recommend polyester first and then microfiber, if you want to go easy on your fabric. If you want grandeur and would be using the bedding occasionally only, then you can also try satin. Satin gives the look of silk, but poor quality satin with black and white prints, leaves black stains on the person sleeping or on the sheet.

Types of Black and White Bedding

Match your taste with a bedding type

It is always better to choose the type of black and white bedding that would go well with you. You can then start your targeted search in that specific type. Else all of them look similar and you'd probably be confused choosing none at all.

Black and White Zebra Bedding
Go for zebra bedding if you want your bedroom to look wild and modern. All that you will find in this category are zebra stripes. But believe me, there are so many designs and patterns. You can choose the puffy one completely woven with zebra prints or one with zebra prints interspersed with black bands. I would advice you not to go for the ones which look monotonous with zebra prints. A good design should be interrupted by black color either in the border or as bands.

What I expect from a black and white bedding?

1. Classy look

The bedding should have a good design pattern. Since it is going to be just two colors, it all depends on a good design to impress my guests. The design should bring grandeur to the entire room with no other accessory.

2. Tolerate wear and tear

I would prefer a good quality polyester to replicate the look of cotton and do the extra job of surviving machine washes. I usually sun dry my bedding and so, it should also be fade-resistant.

3. Should come with matching accessories

The most important aspect of a themed bedroom is curtains that go well with the bedding. Only very few bedding sets come with curtains. It is enough if matching curtains are available elsewhere. But the greatest advantage of black and white bedding is that it is easy to find accessories in either plain black or white. You don't have to worry if the shades will match. So this criteria doesn't carry weight.

4. Cost should do justice to the look and feel of the bedding
By this criteria, I mean that I wouldn't mind spending around to $150 for a complete comforter set in cotton if it has a design that can impress me. But, if it is polyester, I would expect it to be within $100.

My Recommendation

How this Chezmoi comforter satisfied my criteria?

After hours of tiring filtration of what began as a pleasurable window shopping, I decided what I am going to recommend for a good black and white bedding. It is not just my recommendation. I mirror the opinion of many other customers who purchased this bedding and who analyzed its pros and cons. I have shared the criteria which I looked for choosing a bedding and I've also explained how many of the criteria this bedding satisfied.

All of my prime criteria is satisfied. It looks ornate with beautiful swirls. Many customers in Amazon have vouched for its durability and look. Pretty good sign. I went on to read many in-depth reviews and found a review exclusively for the product discussing its pros and cons. And the only con I found was that, the bedding had a yellow colored satin on the inside which can peep out when you dust it. But this is the one responsible for giving you a soft feel when you sleep. But I seriously din't understand why the designers chose yellow, although it is not seen out. The price is amazing. That too, now Amazon is a 65% discount which leaves you paying just $69. Till now, I din't read about any flaws in stitching or missing pieces. Do leave a comment in case you encounter.

Tips to decorate your room in black and white theme

Whatever might be the bedding that you have chosen, black and white thematic bedrooms don't get made with just black and white bedding.

  • Ensure that the accessories that you choose are not all black and white. Walls can always be white, while carpets can always be black.

  • Vinyl wall decals are the best way to bring the spirit of Black and white. You can get beautiful wall decals for even $10. They are easy to fix and can be easily removed in case you want to change the theme of your bedroom.

  • You can prefer black coated metal beds that come in a variety of decorative shapes. They are sleek and add up to the theme better than wooden beds.

Black and White Bedroom Inspirations

This room seems to be a blend of bed and bath tailor made for couples. Though it may not be possible for everyone to recreate this effect in their bedrooms, it is good to know that such designs do exist! But something which you can take from this design is the rectangular box-shaped open shelves attached to the walls on which you can place artefacts.

Black and white bedroom for boys

Being a boy's bedroom, it has the most common black and white artifact in a boy's life- a football. The bed is fixed with wheels to be able to move it to a corner when the boy needs space to run about and play. If you buy a bed with wheels attached, you might have only few choices. Instead you can attach your bed to suitable black gliders.

What to take from the design?
A white swing, a black seahorse statue and a black and white football are all simple yet striking things for a boy's black and white bedroom.

Wall decor at its best... Look at the creative eagle art!

What to take from the design
If you are preparing your black and white bedroom on a cup cake theme, if you can't find all decors in cup cake shape, just see to it that they are circular. They will automatically go with your theme. Don't use grand chandeliers on a simple room.

What to take from the design
Black and white Photographs framed with black mount serve as excellent decors for a black and white bedroom. Also note the black door frames at the bedroom's entrance, which go with the bed.

Tips to prevent black color from fading

Black and white contrast each other only as long as black is dark and white is light. Once the fading starts, the bedding loses its charm. So follow these tips to prevent your sheets from fading.

1. Don't over dry the bedding in the dryer. In case your dryer is too small to contain it, better dry it on the line. Dry them in shade as sun can take away the color.

2. Vinegar will serve as a fabric softener and will protect the black in your bedding. So add a cup of vinegar to the washing machine. Vinegar also helps to get out urine from your baby bedding. Though vinegar has got an unpleasant smell, it will go off after washing. (PS: Never combine chlorine bleach with vinegar. Toxic fumes will be produced.)

3. Turn the clothes inside out when you hang them outside to dry.

4. Use detergents that are formulated to protect color in the fabric.

5. Washing in cold water will prevent fading when compared to washing in warm water.

Tips to remove stain from your bedding

In case you accidentally left your marker or nail polish open on your bedding, and it stained your costly comforter, there are ways to remove the stain from the fabric.

1. Point out the stained area and the cause for the stain to the dry cleaner. All stains don't follow the same method of removal. So dry cleaning once can help you get rid of most stains.

2. Whatever stain-removing formula you may use, apply it on the reverse of the sheet. This may not be possible for a flocking comforter like Chezmoi's, but works well for sheets.

3. Whatever the stain may be, take action as quick as possible.

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    • profile image

      Eleanor 5 years ago

      Fantastic article! I love black and white decor. I just painted our headboard black this past weekend. I am kind of a sheet snob, and I have recently fallen out of love with Egyptian. I like the pima cotton (I found some great ones at ) but they have a different look than Egyptian, which is surprising. I always though white sheets=white sheets.