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Best Blenders For Coffee Shop

Updated on July 24, 2014

How to Choose the Best Blenders for Coffee Shop

Calling all smoothie bar, coffee shop, and bar owners. Does your business need a new blender? Is your current blender lacking the grunt to chop through everything you throw in it? Perhaps you are simply looking for a blender that will work constantly and consistently for more than a month before giving up the ghost. This review looks at three of the best blenders for coffee shop on the market and shows you how they will work for your business needs.

As you will know a blender gets some heavy use during the day. It may be used to chop or puree fruit and vegetables, mix up smoothies or margaritas, or pulverize ice. A cheap machine, designed for domestic use, lacks the power to get the job done. It will soon overheat, loose blades or simply stop working. A good blender, designed for commercial use, which can take the strain of constant use, will have the longevity you need. Unblended chunks of ice in a drink can be harmful to a coffee shop’s reputation.

After careful consideration, three heavy duty, professional blenders have been found to withstand most of what your business will throw at (or in) them. The Vitamix 5200, the Waring MBB518 and the Hamilton Beach HBH650. This review looks at all three and, hopefully, should help you choose the best for your business needs.

Vitamix 5200s Black

I will start with, what I think is one of the best blenders for coffee shop on the market today. It consistently out-ranks on quality and performance and has a wide range of features.

This machine has the power to plow through anything you put in it. Its heavy duty blades will cut through ice as if it were jelly and mixes the contents thoroughly until they are as smooth and creamy as you would expect from a machine of this caliber.

The hard wearing components and power of this machine mean that it will outlast most others on the market. The only downside to the Vitamix 5200 is the high price. At about $450 this is not a machine for domestic use. However, if you are looking for consistency and longevity, this machine will outperform and outlast the majority of similar blenders on the market today.

If you still don’t believe me, the Vitamix 5200 boasts consistently high ratings from its customers on Amazon, as well as other review sites. The majority of reviewers will tell you that this is their product of choice and are extremely happy they made the decision to buy one.

Waring Professional Bar Blenders

I understand though that your budget still may not stretch to the price tag of the Vitamix. This is where the Waring MBB518 shines. This blender offers a less expensive option for the smaller business. It’s another best blender for coffee shop.

The Waring MBB518 offers a more simple, but durable design. The unusual round base offers a stylistic look to the machine not seen in other blenders of this quality. Its sleeker style offers the added benefit of fitting onto your cramped counter top, for those where space is an issue. If you are needing a commercial blender for your busy bar, to mix up margaritas, this machine will stylishly sit on your back bar, and its unusual design may even be a talking point.

Even though this blender is cheaper, it will still churn through ice, fruit, and dips with ease. This makes the Waring MBB518 to be a stylistic, inexpensive, but durable machine.

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Hamilton Beach HBH650 Commercial Tempest Bar Blender

If speed and constant use are an issue, the Tempest 64 ounce, Commercial Two-Speed Blender from Hamilton Beach is your go-to blender. The Tempest can speedily whip up Daiquiris or smoothies in seconds and the large 64 ounce jugs are stackable. The stackable jugs mean that you can store them easily close to the machine. This reduces the need to wash and reuse your jug every time you need to use the blender.

The Tempest boasts a unique ‘Wave Action’ technology. This action works by drawing the mixture down towards the blades as they spin. Most other machines do not have this action and sometimes chunks of food can miss the mixer blades, or you need to process for longer to make sure there are no lumps left. Wave Action means that the process can be done quicker, and it offers up a beautiful smooth result every time.

Also included on this machine are a number of features for ease of use. This one of the best blenders for coffee shop has two speeds and a jump cycle option, which allows for you to start off slow before mixing at full speed. It also has a pulse function and timer.

Overall, if you need a machine that is speedy, offers consistent smoothness and space saving benefits, this could be the machine for you. The only drawback to this Hamilton Beach model is the tendency for the jug to leak by the lid, if you fill it up to the maximum line. However, with a huge 64 ounce jug, this may never be an issue for you if you don’t need to blend large quantities at a time.

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      Julia Ceaser 14 months ago

      In my opinion, with Karmin blender you make the best :)