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Best Blenders Under $200

Updated on July 1, 2017

Looking for the Best Blenders Under $200?

Looking for a good blender? If you are not constrained by budget and do not mind spending a little more for a quality product then this review is for you.

Although there are some perfectly good blenders available on the market for a lot less, it can sometimes pay to spend a little extra to get a product that may do more, do it quicker or be more durable. The blenders being reviewed have proved that they simply offer more than the basic equivalents. They may even be found being used commercially in your local bar or coffee shop.

The first basic rule though, when looking to buy, is knowing why you are buying it. What do you hope to achieve? Do you want to crush ice like a pro or make beautifully smooth deserts? Keep this in mind while you read. Here I’ve tried to discuss about the best blenders under $200.

Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender

To start us off the Breville BBL605XL offers a sleek, stylish and very durable modern blender. The blade system is designed to both draw the outer mix upwards and the inner mixture down. This results in a nice smooth and even blend with no chunks left stuck under the blades at the bottom, as can often happen with cheaper models. On top of this, the Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control offers five different speeds and three other settings for smoothie, ice crush and pulse. With such an array of settings you can perform your task and achieve great results easily.

The large jug and its components all detach and are dishwasher safe, which avoids having to carefully clean around a sharp blade. It has a sturdy feel to it with its solid die-cast metal base. The only issue is that, although amazingly quiet while blending smoothies, the large 750 watt motor can make the machine quite noisy when powering through ice.

Overall, paying a little extra to get a blender like this can be easily understood after you have used it. The machine feels, and looks, as though it will outlast other cheaper models. You definitely get what you pay for with Breville BBL605XL. I think you’ll enjoy this one of the best blenders under $200.

Cuisinart CBT-1000 PowerEdge

The Cuisinart CBT-1000 offers 1000 watts of blindingly fast, ice pulverizing expert blending power. The stylish design and die-cast metal base offer a durable quality product.

Cuisinart CBT-1000 PowerEdge is capable of mixing almost anything you care to put in it. It easily crushes ice, blends smoothies and whips up quick and easy salsas. The timer function allows you to walk away while you prepare your breakfast smoothie; it will cut off after four minutes to leave you with a perfectly smooth and enjoyable drink.

A machine with this much power can have a tendency to look like a monster, but the Cuisinart CBT-1000 will stylishly fit into most modern kitchens. The multi-function jug has a nice comfort grip handle for that extra touch. So, it’s also a good collection from best blenders under $200.

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Waring PBB25 Professional Bar Blender

If you are not looking for so many functions and are just looking for a stylish, reliable smoothie, milkshake, or maybe a margarita mixer, then the Waring PBB25 may be the blender for you.

Though we already have discovered two from the best blenders under $200, Waring blenders are something special that offer the unusual round base design. This look offers a talking point to anyone who notices it. The PBB25 blender also has the nice added touch of a stainless steel jug. This brings to mind the wonderful milkshakes the children adore from the diner. It also adds to the durable feel you get from this blender.

The only flaw is the need to hold on to the jug while in use. If you are like me though I like to stay by my blender when it is on so that I can easily check when it has finished. So, this is not a huge issue.

The whole machine is also compact enough to fit into a cupboard which will save that precious counter space. Although the round base and narrow jug means that it hardly takes up much space when left out either.

Ninja BL660 Professional Style Blender with Single Serve

We couldn’t do a review on blenders without mentioning a Ninja product. The Ninja BL660 offers an amazing 1100 watts of power and boasts an ability to make snow out of ice in only 30 seconds. In fact, the BL660 professional blender is the perfect blender for making quick ice-cold smoothies, with all the ingredients coming directly from the freezer.

If speed of delivery is important to you then this makes the ideal machine. Unlike most blenders, with their one size fits all jug, the Ninja BL660 offers two different sized blending carafes. If you want to make enough to feed your family then chose the large jar. To make an individual sized portion, simply swap for the small cup. If you want a quick power shake to take with you, there is a take-out lid to fit on the cup.

Krups KB790 Die Cast Blender

When it comes to durable and reliable you can’t go far wrong with a Krups. It’s also cost effective and the series of best blenders under $200. This is certainly the case with the Krups KB790. It has a solid black, die-cast metal base and six powerful blades, which can chop and blend with the precision you need. The heavy duty feel is tempered by the amazingly quiet, 100 watt motor. This is due to a patented noise reduction technology which makes even pulverizing ice a pleasant experience.

The solid nature adds to its charm and it would stylishly adorn most modern kitchens. With its range of 7 programs, each with 5 speed settings, it would be hard to go wrong with a machine such as Krups KB790 Die Cast Blender. With a massive 60 ounce glass jug, you could just as easily blend your favorite home-made soup as you could whip up a round of daiquiris for guests.

Overall, this blender will appeal to most. It ticks most of the boxes one would wish for in a blender without paying out vast amounts of money. It offers functionality, style, and durability along with the unrivalled noise reduction technology.

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