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Best Blenders Under $50 - Making Your Choice

Updated on January 4, 2015

Find the Best Blenders Within Your Budget

Of all the small appliances you can buy for your kitchen, the blender can be one of the most useful. From preparing delicious and healthy smoothies and milkshakes to making wonderfully smooth, homemade soups. The blender can make quick work of these simple foods. Another benefit is the knowledge that you know what ingredients you are using to make your recipes, making them healthier alternatives to shop bought, pre-made soups and drinks.

When buying your first blender it can be quite daunting seeing some of the big expensive brands and models. This article aims to show that, depending on what you plan to use your blender for, you don’t need to spend a large amount of money to buy one. I have found the best blenders available which retail for under $50. These blenders are well suited to a first time buyer, who wants to experiment and see what they can make, or a shopper on a budget, who can’t afford a multi-functional, commercial grade blender. Below are five best blenders under $50 that I’ve tried to figure out.

Hamilton Beach 51101B

For the busy commuter on-the-go the Hamilton Beach 51101B Personal Blender is the perfect small appliance. This blender will quickly whizz up a delicious breakfast smoothie, which you can then secure with its travel cap and take with you for breakfast while you travel. The 14 ounce cup will fit nicely into most car drink holders, making this a great, versatile product, which you will soon become part of your daily routine.

This blender is also useful to the new parent, who wants to puree a small amount of food for their weaning baby. The 175 watt motor and stainless steel blades will chop through most fruit and vegetables. You could even use the fruit direct from your freezer, for a nice cold summer treat.

If you are looking for a small, yet powerful, individual serve blender, with the versatility to transform into a take-out cup, Hamilton Beach Personal Blender would be a perfect choice.

Ninja QB900B Master Prep Revolutionary Food and Drink Maker

The Ninja QB900B conveniently combines the speed of a stick blender with the versatility of a food processor. This blender has a removable ‘pod’ which attaches to the different sized bowls provided, to power the unique quad blades. The bowls then have their own lids which can be attached for easy storage of the resulting mixture.

The versatility of QB900B Ninja Master Food Prep Blender/Processor along with its low price are what make it such a desirable product. It will blend, pulse, chop, puree and mince, making food preparation a breeze. The non-slipbottoms of the bowls make it sturdy and less likely to slide when on full power. Being able to store your finished mixture in the bowl it was prepared in is another definite bonus.

One drawback noticed though is how tricky it can be to clean after use. The quad blades are very sharp and need to be taken apart to clean properly. This can make it hard to avoid cutting yourself quite badly, remember these blades are designed to slice through ice. For the price though this blender is more versatile than most. The decision is whether the low price outweighs the difficult cleaning.

Hamilton Beach 58148A Power Elite Multi-Function Blender

If you want a multi-function blender and can manage without the extra bowls or jugs, the Hamilton Beach Power Elite may be the blender of choice.

Hamilton Beach offer their unique Wave Action system. This draws the mixture down into the blades at the bottom, to make sure no chunks of food get missed. This makes for a wonderful smooth consistency every time. The blender is also surprisingly easy to clean, especially as the jug is dishwasher safe.

The Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi-Function Blender has a range of settings to allow you to chop, puree, pulse, blend, mix and even grind. This means it can handle fruit and vegetables as well as crush ice or grind coffee or nuts. There is also a function for making breadcrumbs out of your left over bread. The powerful motor, along with the Wave Action, can handle these jobs with ease. All these functions on one machine for under $50, it may be hard to find one that can improve on this.

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Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Multi-Function Blender

If ice crushing is your goal then the Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher multi-function blender may be your choice. 700 watts of power draw the ice down onto the ‘Ice Sabre’ blades. Along with the Hamilton Beach patented Wave Action system, the ice does not stand a chance.

This is not all this blender can do though. The multi-function blender offers 14 blending functions which will allow you to make ice-cold smoothies, pureed baby food, as well as hot and creamy soups.

The lid fits snuggly into place to help minimize the leaks that can happen on other blenders if you overfill them. The jug also has a good easy-pour spout which makes for less spillage and therefore less waste.

Overall I would highly recommend Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher, on sheer power alone, not to mention the other functions available. Looking at reviews on sites such as, you can see I am not alone in liking this blender.

Magic Bullet Express Deluxe 26-piece Mixer & Blender

If the Wave Crusher does not have enough versatility for you then you may like to look at the Magic Bullet Express Deluxe. With 26 pieces, this blender offers more options than any other on the market, for this low price.

Using the supplied recipe book, you can learn how to use this blender to chop, dice, blend, whip and even grind. The magic bullet also boasts that it can turn ice into snow with the use of its new ice shaver blade attachment.

Along with the different blades the Magic Bullet comes complete with spare cups, which you can choose to add a plain or perforated lid to, for storageof your prepared foods. There are also different colored rings which can be added to the cups for easy identification, if you are making smoothies for the family.

Whatever your blending needs, the Magic Bullet Express Deluxe, can easily manage. With so many parts though, the only issue is where to store them all. Also the small size may be of concern to those wishing to make a large batch of soup in their blender.

Making Your Choice

You may find other blenders for this amazingly low price, but you would be hard pressed to find any that could compete with these best blenders under $50. The next decision you need to make is what you will make in your new blender and where you will store it in your kitchen. Products like the Hamilton Beach Personal Blender will fit into the smallest of kitchens, if it ever leaves your hand or the cup holder in your car. Blenders like the Wave Crusher will need space on your counter top to operate and possibly even store it.

Whatever you do decide to buy, have fun with it, experiment and see what else you can make in it, and overall enjoy it. Once you have tasted your own home-made smoothie you may never want to buy a pre-made one again.

© 2014 mjkamrul

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