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Best Bread Maker Reviews: Consumer Reports 2013

Updated on February 22, 2013

Looking to make your own healthy bread?

Bread makers have been in use for decades and the demand of these machines has increased these days. These popular kitchen machines originated in Japan and from there have gained a lot of popularity.

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A bread maker is a combination of dough kneader that allows the user to knead different kinds of dough, and an oven that bakes the bread. Apart from adding the ingredients in some specified ratio, bread makers are pretty well as hands off as you want.

The bread makers available today offer various customization options and one can find a wide array of products with different features, specifications and price range. Some are better tailored for gluten free, sourdough, wholewheat or dough. Many have multiple programs with varying times and temperatures for the best loaf. See the best bread machines for the money, and which are the best reviewed.

People who love baking and cannot do without bread, can buy bread makers for their kitchen. They need not have to go to the grocery store each and every time they want to eat a bread loaf. You can just bake it at the comfort of your home. People who wish to go into bread making business can also buy this product. You can make the bread ready with your own recipe and by just following a few steps.

How to choose the best bread maker for the house

With a number of products being launched everyday, now the question is - “how do you choose the best bread maker for your house?”. Visit an online store or a local shop in your area. You will get an idea of various models available in the market. Based on your requirements, you can choose an appropriate bread maker. There are a number of companies that manufacture bread makers. Some of the popular brands include – Sunbeam, Panasonic, Zojirushi etc.

When looking to buy a bread maker, one should consider a few things like – brand, durability, cost, features, specifications, size, easy to use menu, does it knead well or not etc. Below is the list of points that should be considered while buying a bread maker -

· If you are investing a huge amount for a product, you want it to last for a long time. Hence, you should prefer a machine that is very solid as well as durable. The brand name is one of the essential factors, but, should not be the main concern.

· Cost is another major factor, but it should not be the only factor. You can go for costly products, as some of the branded products with advanced features are available at high cost. You can do some research on the internet to find the best bread makers for a lower price.

· Most of the bread makers come with a variety of functions and features, that helps the users to perform a variety of tasks. For example – they differ in the type and number of baking cycle, delay timer option, yeast dispenser, ability of preparing different types of breads etc.

· If your new to bread making, then you should prefer to buy a bread maker which is provided with easy to use menu. Secondly, you should opt for a model which is easy to clean and maintain.

· Usually, bread machine occupies a bit of space in your kitchen. So, before buying a bread maker, it is important to consider the size of your kitchen. Accordingly, you can select an appropriate bread machine.

· You can also read the consumer reports and best bread maker reviews on some of the reputed online stores, to make a fair choice.

Below is the list of some of the top rated bread makers, by reading which you get an idea of the best bread makers.

Panasonic SD-RD250 Bread Maker

This is one of the best bread makers by Panasonic that features – fruit and nut dispenser, microprocessor for even baking, non-stick pan coated with diamond fluorine, 5 different modes for baking, LCD readout and many other things.

This bread maker gives you the most delicious and nutritious bread which can be a part of your balanced diet. This model comes in a compact and slim design that fit anywhere in your kitchen easily.

West Bend 41300

This is a high rise electronic bread maker that can be used for preparing stylish and artesan bred at home. You can fill your kitchen with the smell of freshly baked bread with the help of this product.

This model is inexpensive and prepares bakery style artisan bread in a less time. If we have a look at the consumer reports and best bread maker reviews, we will find that it is liked by a number of users. Many of the consumers rated it as the best bread maker from West Bend.

Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme 2

This bread making machine by Zojirushi makes baking easy and quick. This model is capable of preparing a bread loaf of 2 pounds by meeting a variety of cooking needs. This appliance is easy to use and you can try out a variety of recipes.

It features a number of pre-programmed baking options, a cooking pan, LCD control panel, large window for viewing, auto shut-off, different menu settings, power failure back-up, exclusive memory settings and many others.


This model by Oster is ideal for large families and comes with 9 different settings for preparing a variety of breads, jams and doughs.

It can prepare up to 2 pounds of bread loaf, where your family can have fresh baked bread in less time with the express bake settings. It works well for regular bread as well as gluten free bread.

Most versatile bread machine to buy

Breville BBM800XL

This is one of the best and smartest loaf bread makers of custom standards. It features a clever user interface that computer time and temperature while making selection, easy to turn and confirm the dial that helps you in starting with your recipe in seconds, fruits and nut dispenser, collapsible kneading paddle and other things.

Customers who used this product found it to be very useful and is ideal for large loaves. You can choose from 60 different recipes for many types of popular home baked breads.

What is your favorite kind of bread?

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