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Best Coffee Grinder Tips To Make Your Coffee Taste Great

Updated on June 5, 2015
Coffee Grinders and Great Tasting Coffee
Coffee Grinders and Great Tasting Coffee | Source

A coffee grinder can help you make a great brew, but you may notice that the taste degrades over time. This is due to a buildup of stale grinds and rancid oils. The grounds go stale after 30 minutes and the oils turn rancid quickly, too. Regular cleaning can get rid of this buildup. Here are some cleaning tips to keep your coffee tasting great.

Clean Your Coffee Grinder using Uncooked White Rice

The easiest way to clean your grinder is to use uncooked white rice. The oils are attracted to the starch in the white rice, as are the old stale grounds. If you have a blade-type grinder, fill it with rice up to the blades. If you have a burr-type, you only need two or three teaspoons of white rice. Turn the grinder on and run it and you will soon the see dark spots in the rice.


Next, dump the rice and repeat the process until the rice is as white as it was to begin with. Follow up by grinding some old beans to get rid of any rice residue and you’re ready to brew again.

Best Products Brands for Cleaning Your Coffee Maker

Cleaning your coffee maker will also help to ensure that your brew tastes just the way you want it to. There are specialty cleaning products made specifically for this purpose. Some of them contain citric acid, which will remove the scaly buildup that forms on coffee and espresso machines.

Top Brands to Use

The best products are the safest ones. They should not contain any chemicals that could damage your health or cause the brew to taste bad. Some brands to look for include Simple Green, Cleancaf Cleaner and Descaler and Better Brew Coffee Maker Cleaners.

Preventative Maintenance for Coffee Machines

A little preventative maintenance can help your coffee machines and grinders last longer, as well as help to improve the taste of your brew. If you don’t clean your grinders regularly, they will eventually stop working because of the buildup of stale grinds and rancid oils. Regular cleaning is really all of the preventative maintenance you need for these machines.


For coffee makers and espresso machines, running plain water through the system on a regular basis is commonly recommended. Some of the cleaners mentioned above can be added to the water to get rid of any scale that will not come out with boiling water alone. Remember to change your filters after each brew. They are not reusable.

The Quality of Water You Use

The quality of your water can affect how your machines work. Using purified water for brewing and cleaning will prevent buildup caused by mineral deposits in the water.

With regular care and maintenance, your coffee grinder and other machines should last a long time. You won’t need to get a new one until it’s time to remodel your kitchen appliances.


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