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Best Curtain Colors for a Blue Bedroom

Updated on December 9, 2013

You really have a lot to work with when you choose a cool color palette like blue to decorate your bedroom. Cool tones work with many other shades, both warm and cool, and coordinate well with metallic shades, too. When you are ready to accessorize, here are some ideas for the best curtain colors for a blue bedroom, in no particular order of importance:

Warm Shades

There are many warm shades that work well with blue, and most offer an opportunity for some really dramatic effects. Contrasts work well to create a unique color palette, and they allow you to express creativity and individuality. They also work together to maximize positive chi flow in the bedroom, especially when contrasts are used in the right bagua.

Curtains designed with burnt orange and yellow work great with shades of blue, and deep reds also coordinate well. White is a shade that can be used to complement warm or cool tones, but it is normally classified as a warm shade and works well with any shade of blue. To maximize the contrast, pair a deep navy blue with a bright cherry red curtain, then accessorize with true white. Butterfly or dragonfly metal wall art that incorporates the colors of the room is a good way to weave a color thread of continuity.

Cool Shades

Since blue is a cool shade, if you want to give the room a modern look, pair the blue with other cool shades. Although this is typically a décor used for bathrooms and living rooms, it is a great idea for bedrooms as well. It enhances a relaxing environment, and increases your feeling of peace and security in your bedroom, working to improve your quality of sleep.

Pair shades of blue with curtains made with greens and grays to create a cool color palette that promotes peace and tranquility where you need it most. Curtains made of gauzy or sheer material also enhance this effect on windows facing to the west. For example, a sheer deep green curtain against a sky blue wall is a dramatic and modern addition to your bedroom, and you can accessorize with neutrals to complete the look.

Neutral Shades

Curtains with neutral shades are an excellent choice with a blue color palette, and they coordinate with almost any other shade that you choose to use for accessories and/or furniture. Neutrals, like beige or soft gray, are ideal if you are staging a bedroom in hopes of selling the home as well. They coordinate well with any shade of blue, and you can still create a very inviting room with cools and neutrals together.

For instance, pair a deep navy blue striped wall with a sheer beige curtain, and then accessorize using the alternate shade in the stripe palette. The beige will coordinate with both shades nicely, creating a neutral and inviting color palette that works well in any bedroom. This combination of navy stripes combined with beige or khaki is timeless and provides the perfect backdrop for a nautical inspired living space accented with seascapes and brass accessories. Or use it a young man’s bedroom, adding plaid and solid fabrics as well as classic car framed art or vintage motorcycle wall art to the mix.

This article is written by Maria Harris, who writes for Metal Wall Art.


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    • Maria Harris profile image

      Maria Harris 7 years ago from Houston

      Hi marcoujor --- I'm so glad that you found the information helpful for your own decorating project. Good luck! And thanks for reading!

    • marcoujor profile image

      Maria Jordan 7 years ago from Jeffersonville PA

      I am ready for some new curtains in our blue colored bedroom & this has given me some great ideas... Voted UP & USEFUL~~ thank you!