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Best Drain Cleaner

Updated on June 14, 2010
Enzyme Based
Enzyme Based

Drain Cleaning Products

Hello everyone! Before I go on with this article, I have to ask a few questions to all of you, what do you know about drain chemicals? How much have you spent in the past buying them? How well have them worked for you? What were the promises and, did the products delivered what was promised?

Even though, I have asked all these questions, you actually don't need to answer none of them.

What Make Us Buy Drain Cleaning Products?

When a drain gets clogged one of the first things that comes into someone’s mind is to use a drain cleaner product.

1 - Our local stores offer hundreds of drain cleaning brands and if we read the products labels, we will find out that a majority of them promise tremendous miracle in unplugging and removing blockages from drain pipes.

2 - When comparing the cost of a product with of an expert service call to solve the problem, it is clear that a drain cleaning product is much more cost effective, especially if the promise on the label is delivered.

But do the chemicals really take care of the plug? Based on my experience, the answer is that, it probably did not fix it. So, why do we continue wasting our money with such products? Maybe becasue he suffer of short term memory, because we don't know how to use the product, because we don't know how to read the label or don't read it at all or, because we want to believe that the product will work if we try a second time, even though it did not work in the past. We just keep hoping that the cheaper way will do the work.

In reality, only a very few chemicals will unplug a clogged drain and, those chemicals usually has a very strong concentration of acid as part of their composition, however, those chemicals might be very dangerous not only to our health but to our home plumbing system as well.

The Best Drain Cleaner

If we really like to buy drain cleaning, we must first learn about what are the best drain cleaners available in the market and, just a hint, the best chemicals are the ones designed by the experts or the companies who actually operate in the drain cleaning industry.

So, what the best drain cleaners? When considering buying a drain cleaning product, you must be very careful because a majority of those products have acid base as part of their chemistry formula.

The most common types of drain chemicals are made of enzyme (non-acid base) and the acid base ones, such as Drano.

The best drain cleaners are made of enzyme products because they are for most part, nature friendly, they are non-corrosive, non-toxic and are completely safe for your health. A great example of an enzyme base chemical is the one in the above picture.

Just another thing, a great majority of drain cleaning products are design to maintain drain pipes and not to unplug them, included the one in the picture above, so, if we really want to avoid paying for expert expensive service, we should all maintain our homes' drain system and the best way to do that is to use enzyme based chemicals regularly.


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